April 20, 2014

He is Risen!

           Indeed He has Risen!

                 Happy Easter!!

April 4, 2014

Funnier :)!

No one hardly ever tells me I'm funny. And I mean ever more than hardly.
And I am fine with that. 

Really I promise, I am just fine with that. 

Now I may get chuckles here or there for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Or I may get a half laugh from someone because I can be purty ditzy when I get one drink in me (or no drinks, but who's counting), making my hair seem just a tad bit blonder than it already is. But the chuckles that I get are never full out laughs that would at all indicate that I am full of funniness. {But I mean heck my better half is lol funny enough for both of us, so I am more than covered.}

Well, just yesterday my funniness status changed and as annoying as this post may be because I continue to use all forms of the word fun, I just can't help myself from writing it.
So, Let me start at the beginning...

This week I went and got on The Frozen wagon and bought it for the kids via iTunes.  We all now refer to Grace as Elsa, Hopie as Anna, and Prince Hans as Prince poopie pants, of course all per Queen Graces' orders. 

Anywho, so we were watching Frozen and the scene with the character named Oaken came on. Oaken is the big guy with an accent who owns the "Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna". Well, I started imitating Oaken saying in his accent: "Yoo hoo! Big summer blow out!" Now whenever I try to be goofy or sing at the top of my lungs my kids always say: "Stop Mooooommm." But this time my skills of impersonation just flew out of me as I nailed the character of the goliath Oaken and I got lots and lots of pure belly laughs from all of my kiddos. Of course that meant I milked it for all that it was worth and went on and on and on throughout the rest of the night talking like the big, jolly, rosy cheeked guy. 

I promise there is a punch line in here somewhere....

Well, the next day Isaiah came home from school with a paper he had written where he was required to use all of his spelling words. One of his spelling words was "funnier" and the sentence he wrote using that word was: No one is funnier than my mom.

Yes, you did read that right and in case you missed it he said: No one is funnier than my mom. 

Okay, I know right --- Awesome! The amount of joy and pride that this one sentence written by my 7 year old about me has nothing short of set my heart on cloud 12! Can I get a Yoo hoo! Someone really thinks I'm funny, even if he is only 7 (and a half)  and my own flesh 'n blood.

So that's the story... and let me tell you I am holding onto it for weeks to come :) :).  

This kid thinks I am funny.