April 30, 2013

this here blog

I never thought I would blog. Ever. Eva.

Funny enough, I even use to be one of those people who was like: How does she have the time to blog everyday? I mean seriously, I can barely live my life, let alone pen it.

But now all things contradictory, of course... I pen it (or well type it). And I if I could, I would sit and write everyday. Thus, coming to understand how if you pen it, you really CAN still live it.

Blogging for me has become a HUGE cathartic outlet. It somehow has helped me to be a better person  (how, I don't know, but it has). It's so much fun to "feel connected" to the world at large and allow my friends and family to take a peek at my musings and our daily life through stories and pictures.

I have always loved the writing process (did I just say writing process?), thus, majoring in English writing in college and Theology (I have to put my double status out there), but after having kiddos, I stopped and if I did manage to write a word down it was a-spur-the-moment-thingy, usually after a glass or couple glasses of wine and was then quickly put the way side. blah blah blah.

One of the things I find super amusing about blogging is that I really do feel that I am best friends with different bloggers *ahem* Grace. And well, we are best friends! Right?? As you are with your other 8000+ followers. Or Jen, who recently moved to Naples and is best friends with Martha, and now through her blog I feel like we are super close. And we are super tight now, right??

Blogging has been just plain fun. Recording the happenings of our daily life, so that we never forget "these good or not so good ol' days". My mind and thoughts, no matter how el lamo, now have some sort of outlet. And my brain is being used, as well as spell check, so that I don't sound like some stupid blonde, which pretty please just let me think that I don't on this here platform. I also feel like blogging  has made me go beyond myself. And though it may sound odd, it helps me to be a better witness for Christ, because the scattered thoughts during my days in the midst of mostly baby talk are actually  getting put into sentence and paragraph form.

If anyone knows me, you know that I usually don't remember your birthday or anniversary and mountains are moved, literally, when I pick up the phone, which even then there are about a million interruptions from my kids. But somehow writing (via this site) just works for me.

So, what I am trying to say is for all you out there that read my words, thank you, I truly feel like I am talking to you and really do love sharing with you.

I have come a long way from that "I am never blogging" person. Even Isaiah said to me the other night, are you talking about your blog again? Haha! I don't think he even knows what the word blog means, but he sure knows that I enjoy it!
Had to include a pic, in case you just scrolled down past ALL my words.

April 28, 2013

7 quick takes, late style

Per usual linking up with 7 quick takes late, late, late. 
What can I say,  I am a procrastinator at heart. 
Really can't help it I was born this way, which is my excuse and I am sticking to it.

A lot has been going on this week, so I decided to use my iphone pics to dictate how my quick takes will go.

One of the best things about livin' in Paradise is that far away friends are always taking vacations right in our backyard. This week one of my good, dear, sweet high school friends Courtney was here with her adorable little girly Molly and stud husband Ben. Is there anything better than being with friends who have known you since high school. I think not. I feel so, so, SO blessed to still be in touch with so many of my besties from High School, even if it is mostly via email. 
They all have such a big ol' spot in this heart of mine and they think I am funny to boot,
which is a huge plus for this boring mom of four.  
Anyways, we met up for dinner with all the kids and mine surprisingly were very well behaved for the first 45 minutes. Of course, I made the mistake of pointing this out to everyone saying: "Wow the kids are being great." Within minutes of my uttering those words, they turned into jumping beans/crazy monkeys. And poor, sweet, unassuming Molly was surrounded as all 3 of my biggers were totally up in her grill, giving her no personal space and treating her like the new shiny toy/friend that was the best thing next to the ice cream that they had just slurped down. I kept squeezing Isaac's arm trying to make him behave, which later I caught him doing to Hope's arm. When I told him he couldn't do that to his sister he said: "Then why were you doing it to me." Touche, my son. 


Midweek we made a quick visit to Tampa with the girls and saw my parents. Hopie girl loved sitting with her Jaja.

Next in our busy week, Uncle Mark and his son Mario came into town!!!!!!! I can't put enough exclamation points behind that sentence to show you how much we loved having them.  My boys have literally been counting down the days til they came to visit. 
A little back story on Mario and his amazing family. Aunt Lauren and Uncle Mark (Matt's brother) are amazing parents and amazing people. They have 2 little ones and then adopted Mario just last year and now they are pregnant with twin girls! Their story of bringing him into their family is really amazing. Maybe Lauren will be a guest writer at Team Boda and share it with all of you. But long story short, Mario has been destined to be in the Loboda family. He is amazing and so is their family. I wish we lived closer so that we could see each other on the daily, but I'll take what I can get and this week was Awesome

Since Uncle Mark and Mario were in town, we also got to see Uncle Tommy and Aunt Jess and their crew! 

Aunt Jess just graduated from nursing school, talk about dedication going to school with three kiddos and a husband to take care of as well. She is amazing. We are so proud of her and seriously whoever gets her as a nurse is blessed by God. 
What's a blog post without a picture of Daddy and Gracie girl.

 Finally, nothing better than beaching it with all the kids.

That's all she wrote for tonight.
Love you all!! 

April 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Guacamole

If I were to have one claim to fame in the kitchen, it would be my guacamole. I am somehow able to just sense/feel the exact amount of each ingredient to make this perfect blend of goodness.

And today I am sharing this goodness with y'all. It's easy peasy, per usual Kristin cooking style.

Avocados are such an amazing POWER food and one of our favorites over here at Team Boda. We consume them every single day. Our Isaac takes great pride in eating a whole avocado with just a spoon and the 'cado itself in hand.

Homemade guac is so much better than the pre packaged stuff and only takes a mere 10 minutes to make. You must try.
So without further ado, here's the dilio.

~3 avocados
~1 small Onion
~1 medium Tomato
~Lemon or lemon juice (or a lime or lime juice would work)
~Sea salt--Everyone knows to use sea salt now a days, right? Just making sure, because table salt has sugar and chemicals in it (yucko).

1. Scrape out the avocados into a bowl and mash with a fork. Keeping the seed in your guac until you are ready to serve helps to keep it from turning brown.
2. Cut up small onion.

3. Cut up a tomato (which I actually did not have in my fridge tonight, so I substituted with salsa).

4. Add a half of a squeezed lemon. The key with the lemon is to add a little and then taste and then add a little bit more if needed. You don't want the lemon to over power the guac.
I am including this pic, because I love the nail polish that I am wearing and thought you all should see the color. 

5. Combine all ingredients and mash together.
6. Last, add your sea salt. I am very generous with the salt. I add and taste, add and taste, add and taste until I am satisfied.

Bam. Done. So healthy and so easy.

I forgot to take a picture of the final product, but it looks so good and tastes even better. You can eat this as a meal (which I often do), as an app, or with your favorite mexican dish. Enjoy!

Go over and see Sahmy's Tasteful Tuesday. What every she makes turns to gold, seriously.

April 22, 2013

just to say hi

Matt snapped this winner of a pic with my favorite wine. 
The other dia after a looooooooooonggg day with the kiddos, two of whom were sick therefore leaving us stranded at the homestead ALL day, I began to really loose my marbles. I don't know if it was the constant questions and demands of my little ones, not getting much sleep the night before with Hopie girl doing her regular nightly nursings and the others sick, or too many games of candy land in a row, but either way I WAS SPENT.  And by the end of dinner I guess it was completely obvious to Matt. So being Mr. Amazing and always looking out for his other half (me), Matt sent me out sans babies to catch my breath and do some much needed Marshall's therapy shopping.

I think I could spend a whole day in Marshall's simply walking around in circles putting items in my cart and then later taking them out because I didn't really need them in the first place, and call it an extremely productive and well spent outing.

So, as I was scoping out the jean section (which for some reason I ALWAYS think I need a new pair of jeans) slurping on my smoothie, I got a text from Matt. It said: stay OUT and don't come home til u visit Jesus in Adoration. My heart immediately skipped a beat and knew that was exactly what I needed and probably SO much more refreshing than the faded apparale I was deciding between. So I packed up (and by packing up that meant putting back the 6 pairs of jeans that I was going to try on, taking off a pair of shoes that I was wearing to just "see" if I liked them and returning them to the shoe section, putting back the outfit that I thought for a split second Hope could not do with out, and heading to the check out line with my one item, a spatula, for our kitchen) and headed over to see the Lord.

As I filed quietly into our little chapel, I knelt before my friend and thought what do I want to say, its been so long (I seem to somehow always have an excuse to run an errand over making a quick stop to our church). Nothing came at first, then I just whispered: "Hey, I just came to say hi." I felt myself smile at the lameness of my simplicity before the King of Kings, but within seconds I knew he was smiling too and thanking me for stopping in.

April 20, 2013

Super late: 7 quick takes

1. Yes, just sitting here drinking my skinny girl peach margarita that my wonderful Matthew just went out and got for me. He likes to get a little bit of liquor in me *wink wink*... meaning (of course!) that just one drink makes me relax into the fun Kristin that he loves.

2. Is it really Saturday night and I am still trying to link up with Jen via Grace for 7 quick takes? Yes, I am a little slow, but I have been juggling 7 things in my head and lets see if I can get them out in a quick 20. Ready. Set. Go. That was 2, of course.

3. I mentioned earlier in the week that we were blessed to have two of the CFR Friar's stay with us in our humble abode. Matt and I may have lost a little sleep (Isaiah, Isaac, and Hope camped out in our room for 3 nights) to make this happen, but it was well worth it. I SO want my kiddos to desire after God and having Godly/fun/cool/real people in our home makes it that more enticing for them. I forgot to snap a photo with the boys and Brother PT, but be assured there was a lot of pillow fights, wrestling and talk about basketball, baseball and candy (Brother PT loves candy and has included in his vows the giving up of vegetables for the rest of his life) going on. Grace was right in on the action too saying: "Brother PT is my best friend. He play dolls with me," which actually never happen, but somehow she thinks it did, so IT DID.

4. We also had my cousin Maria and her husband Aaron and their 4 awesome kids in town staying at my parents beach condo.  You know the kinda of person that you feel like you could just hang out with forever and it would always be fun, stress free, and easy. That is Maria. Since we were kids I have always loved being with her. If we lived in the same State, I am sure that I would be at her house everyday drinking coffee, working in her organic flower and vegetable gardens, all while the kids played in the backyard. *Sigh* the perfect dream! Needless to say, the time that we were able to spend  with them was fabulous.
That's Maria. Yes, she is a supermodel.
This is one of 2 attempts at trying to get a picture with all the kids. It went well, don't you think?
My other attempt, a little bit better, maybe?

5. Today Grace and I went to her first "all girls" birthday party. Let me start off by saying that Theresa, a.k.a super mom, put us all to shame, making it the most special la la loopsy birthday party evaa. She hand made la la loopsy dolls for each girl where they could finish stuffing it, dressing it, and the like all on their own. She also had non-stop (and I mean non stop) fun and adventures la la loopsy style for 2 1/2 solid hours. It was so nice of her and Veronica to include our 2 year old Grace.
Grace dressed her own person, per usual. She was all ready to rock and roll. 
Grace in true Diva form. 
Grace with the sweet birthday Girl. 
6. Did I mention that I have been lovin' me some skinny girl margaritas, now peach margaritas, and also their mojito bottles?

7. On a totally different note, my heart has been breaking for Boston and all the victims of the terrible bombings. Prayers and more prayers are being said over here for everyone that has been affected.

April 17, 2013

5 Favorites

I'm linking up with Hallie at Moxie Wife blog for 5 favorites!

I love this idea of 5 favorites. Everyone that links up with Hallie is short, sweet, and right to the point. I, on the other hand, have already thought of a monologue for each thing listed, but I will do my best to follow suite and constrain myself. 
As I was thinking of my favorites, I also thought of my not-so-favorite to parallel each item and it was really cracking me up. Does anyone else do that?? Probably not, but for some reason I just HAD to mention it.

1. Babies who are 6 months 
Love n' me some 6 month old babies. I just can't seem to get enough of my Hopie girl and her best friend, Zuzu, who is also just as cute as a button!

2. The CFR Friars who are visiting! 

There is nothing better than when the Friars are down for a visit! Brother PT, who is holding Hope, is such a dear friend and it just feels like family when he is around. Not to mention we can talk about our mutual love for his niece (my God daughter) Therese, which is so much fun. We have been truly blessed to have him and Brother Ignatius in our home for the last couple of days.

3. Udi's Bread 
Here at Team Boda we seem unable to survive without this here bread. Hence, packing all four kiddos in the minivan at 4pm today to make an unexpected visit to Trader Joe's. (We also needed a solitary tomato for tonight's taco's, so the trip was well worth it. :) And yes, we pay a whopping 5 dollars for each loaf we buy, and yes, Matt makes a comment at least once a week about how outrageous that price is. But as far as gluten free bread is concerned, this is the best we have found. 
Peanut Button Dark Chocolate + Protein

Today at Trader Joe's we also picked up some of these amazing bars. Have you ever tried them? The kids and I love them. They are super good and this particular one tastes like a chocolate dessert. They are gluten free, high in protein and low in sugar, all things I love in my granola bars. The down side is that they are a tad bit pricey when handing them out 4 at a time. But I figure a buck 80 a pop for breakfast or quick snack is better than stopping at Wendy's, which we never do anyways. So I am actually saving money, Right? Did you follow that logic? 

5. Babies on the Beach

For more go and visit Hallie and all her friends!

April 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Easy Gourmet Creamy Fish

Here goes another stab at a cooking post from one who really doesn't know what she is talking about. With that said, I made some killa fish tonight. It is so EASY and definitely husband and kid approved.

First, I must give credit where credit is due-- Thank you mom for the recipe (as are 90% of the meals I make). You just seem to have this way in which you make magic happen in the kitchen for all 20 of us who sit at your dinning room table. 

This dish in particular is Matt's favorite and it is as simple as eating a piece (or 2) of pie.

Here at Team Boda we love fresh caught, wild fish. Every time I visit Cosco I scower the fish aisle to see if any wild ones are packaged up. Today I hit gold. This white fish is called corvina and it is extremely mild and so de-lish. 

Slab of white fish: I used corvina fillet.

Package of Boursin Cheese: I used around an 1/8 of the package, but it just depends on how much fish you are baking. This cheese can be purchased at Cosco (and I am sure other groceries if you don't want 4 packages). I used the Garlic and Fine Herbs flavor. 

1. Place fish on a baking pan that is covered in parchment paper.

2. Then put a thin (resist the urge to put too much) layer of this dreamy cheese on top. It is a little messy, but just rub it on. 

3. Preheat oven to 375 degrees (my oven is heat challenged, so I cooked it at 400).
4. Bake for 20 minutes, or until fish is flakey. 

 Bam. Done. How easy can you get?  Seriously, its worth a try.

 **My kids don't really like the cheese, they say its spicy (which it's not, they just say "its spicy" for any food or flavor that they don't like), but they loved the fish with just salt, pepper, and a little bit of lemon juice squeezed on top. Easy Peasy.**

April 15, 2013

Who does that?

*FYI: If throw up grosses you out, read no further.*

Last week in the wee hours of the morning our Gracie girl had a case of the nasty throw ups. THANK THE GOOD GOD my husband took care of it, as of we have a nonverbal (now written) agreement that I get up with our babies ever 3 hours throughout the night (night after night after night-- yes, looking for some sympathy sighs) and he gets up with any of the biggers whenever they randomly awake from their slumber.

So, as Matt was rushing out to work this particular morning and I was still clearing the sleep from my eyes trying to take a gulp of my coffee with 3 kids fighting for my lap, he gave me a 10 second recap of the disgusting 3am throw up experience with our Gracie. I thought to myself: "Wow. What a man. He took care of everything as I slept blissfully for my 3 hour spread and had no clue of the on goings. I really married up! "

As the day went on and I continued to wake up, the reality of "he had completely taken care of everything" seemed to be a dream that was fading quickly away. Slowly I began to discover traces of Grace's digested remnants EVER Y WHERE...

First, I went to change the wash and as I am transferring wet clothes to the dryer, I discover a thick layer of dried regurgitated food all along the outside edge of the washer and embedded into each piece of clothing. Seriously, who doesn't scrub off puke from clothing before putting it into the wash! But, the nice loving non judging person that I am, I simply cleaned it up and went on with my daily happenings.
2 of my daily happenings :).
Later while Grace was playing dress up and Hope was sucking on every toy connected to her exersauser, I took a looksy in our utility sink (where our dirty laundry was calling my name)
and there I found blankets upon blankets thickly covered in dried pieces of Graces vomit. Again, my mind went to the place of: "Really? Who does THAT?? Who leaves that type of spewed content on clothes and blankets where it just dries into hard crusted, nearly impossible pieces to get off!"

But once again, I peeled my brain out of that not so nice place and simply closed my eyes as I scrubbed off crusted throw up, disinfected everything, ran the washer again, washed my hands and went on keeping on.
Hope loves this contraption.
As I went to put Grace down for her beloved nap, I looked over at a discolored and faded red pillow that belongs on our living room couch, which the kids love to sneak into their beds to sleep with. As I took a closer look, I nearly cried out: "Are you freakin kidding me!!" But I contained myself because Grace was right smack next to my person. Instead, closing my eyes for a brief moment to scream some not so nice words in my head, I pulled myself together and took the saturated pillow, soaked in Graces digested and then thrown up dinner, lunch, and breakfast from the day before, and headed to the utility sink.

Talk ABOUT Disgusting.

I took a sponge and scrubbed that thing down, washing my hands every 30 seconds and then ran it through the washer machine. Next, my eyes now WIDE open to the situation at hand, I proceeded to Graces room to scrub her bed, her toys in her bed, and anything near by, because by this time I realized that my wonderful husband did NOT "completely take care of everything".

Later as Grace was blissfully sleeping (or playing with her toys, same thing) and I sat on the couch nursing Hope, the repeat button in my brain was playing this again and again: "Who does that...Seriously who does that?"

The end.

Ps. I do have to say though, throw up aside, I really did marry up. Just tonight at 9pm per my whim of a request-- This man (bachelor anyone??) "who does that" ran out to the store to grab me a bottle of skinny girl margarita and then came home and made me my favorite comfort pasta dish (all within my weight watcher points of course), serving me hand and foot while I simply sat on the couch holding my sweet Hopie girl.

Now who does THAT... my husband :).

April 14, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday: Peter's Redemption

Hope y'all had a restful Lord's Day, as usual we spent ours in the pool. 

Matt has taken over again...Enjoy!

It sounds preposterous, but I want to be Jesus' favorite.

This weeks Gospel has been an ALL time favorite of mine. In this Gospel when Jesus appears to the disciples Peter puts his clothes on and jumps out of the boat to greet him!  I just can't get over the fact that Peter puts his clothes ON to jump in the water.  Most of the time, I'm pretty sure, people take their clothes OFF to jump in water.  

A quick side note, I'm pretty sure that if I was someone in the Gospel I would certainly be Peter.  I wish I could with utter certainty say that I would have been John the beloved. I mean hey, I even took my confirmation name after him because I thought --who would I rather be than the most beloved of Jesus?  I guess I'm finally realizing in life that who I wish I would be is very different than who I am (eg: I wish I was an Abercrombie model, but they don't sell 2X).  

Simply put, I have had this obsession with Peter and even more simply put my wife is confused by my compulsion.  This annoying back and forth relationship with Peter, not my wife, has been around as long as I can remember.  

I know why Peter put his clothes back on and stepped out of the boat. I think that the reason is REALLY important on a couple of different levels.  I've been in, around, and through Peter's mind and definitely know why he did it.  Maybe I am being blazingly bold, but please humor me.  
When John the BELOVED identifies the mysterious figure on the beach as Jesus, Peter puts on his clothes and jumps in the water.  Here's where I always get stuck.  Why put your clothes on unless you don't think you're going to get wet!

Peter puts his clothes on to jump out of the boat.  That's really counterintuitive (stupid).  I'm positive that something very human was taking place as well.  Something very Peterish.
I surmise that Peter has been "through the ringer" and had to go fishing to collect his thoughts.  It certainly was a confusing time.  The guy that he had followed around for 3 years just died, and to boot, he denied knowing him 3 times.  To make things even more confusing, Jesus has appeared to him twice, BUT Jesus' is supposed to be dead....  I would need to take a fishing break too!

Here it is, Peter once walked on the water for a few steps and then began to sink.  But maybe, just maybe, Peter knows that this is his chance for redemption.  There's Jesus and THIS time Peter knows that he can walk on the water, maybe just maybe, he would RUN on the water- TO JESUS.

Now, I know that this is a lot of speculation.  But, stories like this, ones we have heard a GABILLION times, deserve a thorough reading.  I don't want to miss moments of redemption.  If I can miss it in a story that is written down, I can definitely miss the moments of redemption in my life that go whipping by.  

This is consoling to me. Peter, who didn't get it time after time, just like me, was given another opportunity for redemption and an opportunity to TRUST- and walk on the water for a second time. Even though Jesus doesn't play favorites, I'm going to be his one way or another- John the Beloved (my confirmation name) or Peter the Slow Learner (my current experience).   

April 12, 2013

7 quick takes

Linking up with Grace at Camp Patton as she takes over for Jen at Conversion Diaries. 

Thank you, thank you for the SHOUT OUT (number 5&6 of her quick takes, just in case you missed it) from my famous blogger friend over at Camp Patton! Grace, when you took your blogging hiatus I realized that I am kinda of super addicted to your blog. I felt some unhealthy withdrawals from your lack of penning. Also, I pray that because my first baby girl shares your name, she will somehow inherit your blonde flowing locks, super cute sense of style and your humor :).

This week I discovered this within my blog and I find that I want feel the need to use it in every post.

The flu bug has struck another play-ya here at team boda. Is it possible for a bug to stick around for 2 weeks?? I really thought we were done with it and then Isaac comes running into our room (with his concerned older brother trailing right behind him) at 5am throwing up. Poor guy and poor us-- we were really excited about finally breaking out from our sick cacoon and heading to see friends at the park.  I guess it is another morning full of apple (or as graces says bapple) remote tv and countless games of checkers. Is it just me or are you all amazed at how kids throw up and go right back to kicking the soccer ball the next minute. I, on the other hand, as my dear Matt can attest to, roll around the bed howling and moaning about how bad my belly hurts and thinking about how I just want to disappear until the evil sickness has passed.  And that is no exaggeration, if anything it is an understatement. 

What's a post without talking about my sweet babe. She is 6 months now (*sob*).  And I really don't want her to get any bigger, because staring at her and holding her has become my favorite pass time. 
I always wondered when she would try to put that darn sticker in her mouth. It took 6 months, but she found it. 

Mucho bloggers have raved about Revlons Just Bitten Lipsticks.  And because I am always in need of some pick-me-up-mommy beauty help, I have indulged in buying and trying 5 different colors (yes, I might be a teeny bit obsessive compulsive at times). 
There are 2 different types of lipstick in this series and I did not like this type with the white chapstick thingy on the end. For me it did not spread evenly and was so clumpy, so I took it back (always amazed that walgreens takes back any makeup product even if used-- true customer service). I did however like the series called the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. But, so far 2 out of the 4 have been returned on the grounds that Matt simply could not stand them. He said that they made me look like I was wearing old lady lipstick. Hmmm.... not the look I was going for, hence the returns. 

He hasn't seen this color yet. It's called crush and I think I crushed it or I mean I might sorta, kinda like it. And my Grace LOVED it, which says absolutely nothing since she likes every piece of makeup ever made. 

Our sweet Isaiah planned a special dinner celebration for Matt last night in honor of how hard he works for our family. It was super cute. 

A new found favorite for Gracie girl is reading to her sister. Pretty cute and surprisingly very helpful, since they like to just sit the two of them, thus, how I am clicking away on this here computer. 

I started Weight Watchers to loose the rest of this oh-so-clingy-and-extremely-annoying baby weight. And it is exactly what the dr. prescribed. We eat very healthy over here, but WW seems to keep me in check-- you know, like not eating all the kids Easter candy in one sitting while they are fast asleep in their beds dreaming of the one piece that they will be able to have the next day. (Hopefully I am not the only one who has ever done that, because if I am-- than I am just kidding-- I never touch their candy). WW has also stopped me in my tracks after two of these puppies, instead of downing all 10 on the spot. So too all you mom's out there that just walk out of the hospital after giving birth skinny-- I dislike you I mean you are so blessed. To all of us others, let's just keep on keeping on, one apple or WW point at a time.  

Happy Friday!