November 8, 2013

7 Click, click, Click Its

Linking with Jen at Conversion Diaries for some happy clicking!

1. If you haven't noticed, which I am most certain that you haven't, I am a bloggin' away over here. Three posts in 2 days, you would think I sit around eating bonbons all day! But I just couldn't let you miss out on some of my recent favorite blog posts. 

2. Before I get to some Click Its I wanted to share a super duper big ol' hurdle that we have crossed in the area of Gracie girls hair. So, for awhile now I have been complaining on good ol' instagram (love me some Instagram, slightly addicted) how Grace does not let me do her hair let alone brush it without a huge cry fest. Well, the other night I had an idea. I braided my hair in two pigtails and asked Grace if she would let me do her hair just like me. She was thrilled and totally went with it! Now for the last 4 days in a row she has let me braid her hair each and every morning. All I can say my friends is that miracles do indeed happen!

3. Okay, now for some clicking... One of my bestest friends, who I mentioned here, is now a guest blogger at this super cool blog called Tales of a Mountain Momma. I mean it when I say that you don't want to miss Ann's post! Ann is so the real deal as a Mom. She has 3 beautiful kiddos ages three and under and always keeps them busy and active. Her ideas in this post are simple, fun, and guaranteed to get your kids outside. Go forth and read and rest assure that I will be updating you whenever she posts.
4. Okay, so you have heard me talk about her before, but I just can't help myself. Grace at Camp Patton has the cutest announcement in the form of a video. If you want to smile big and I mean real big watch it!

5. Okay, so if you follow da blog world at all you are probably super familiar with the blog In Honor of Design. But for those that have never visited her site, it is an AB-solute MUST. I have to warn you though that at first you might be super jealous (or at least I was), because she is like way beautiful, has amazing fashion style and each picture on her blog is better than the next. But the more you read, the more you get to know how authentic and real Anna is. Her posts never disappoint and always uplift, go visit

6. This week I loved this post from String of Pearls. For all of us moms with young kids, it is a good reminder to really remember that truly "these are the days".

7. One of the first blogs that I ever started to read is call Bean In Love. Sheena is the best DIY blogger. I mean if I ever did anything crafty, I would want to do everything that she does. Her posts are always interesting. I mean take a look at this one and how she dressed her twin girls for Halloween. Since I barely ever (and I should probably say never) do any DIY projects when I read her blog it kinda gives me the feeling that I have, weird, but true. 

Happy Clicking!


  1. Hi there! And I think we were commenting on each others at the same time!

    Your daughter's hair looks beautiful!

    And yay for you! The combing of hair is our least favorite part of the day here! : )

    Have a great Saturday...

    I'm off for a much needed cut and color!

  2. Much too kind! Love Grace's braids, impressive! And love that you're blogging' away!!

  3. Kristin, I began to read this, and my comment here was going to be, "#1: I HAVE noticed!" Imagine my surprise when I got to #6! Thanks for the shout-out.

    I already visit Camp Patton, but now I'll have to check out some of these other blogs you've recommended. :)

  4. Oh Maz, these are great! I definitely should be following more than the 4 blogs that I do!
    I LOVE the hair, you both look so cute.
    I think AJ must have hid her comb because I couldn't find it tonight after bath and I'm thinking it's because she didn't want a screaming fit to go down, like her mom!
    Anyways, love ya!

  5. Oh my goodness! You are so sweet! I'll blame it on the pregnancy but I seriously have tears welling up in my eyes. :) Thank you for the love!
    And, I'm filing #2 away for the future. So very smart!!!!!!!


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