December 1, 2013


Thanksgiving was here and now gone... time seems to be just a ticking away at the year 2013.

We had a great and happy Thanksgiving day full of the 3 F's: Food, Fun, and Familia. We started out the day with a competitive game of kickball, where of course I dominated over our 1-7 year old children. They just couldn't stop my lead foot resulting in multiple home runs. I tried not to gloat. Ha!

All kidding aside, I do love kickball and la, la, love that my kids are at an age where we can play some resemblence of organized sports together. I took 2 not-so-stellar pictures to remember the game by. 

After our 2 hour work with the kiddos my mom and us gals cooked up a gluten free feast, which was nothing short of awesomeness. (My pooched belly did complain later, but just a lil' bit.)  

Though I spent half the dinner nursing and walking around with Hope, it really was the best to have our family all around one table giving thanks for our many, many blessings.
I am especially thankful for my 4 little people, who I love so much. 
We are all thankful for this little babe. 

The kiddos were beyond thankful to have Aunt Maggie home, and per usual all 4 love waking sleeping beauty from her slumber.

Especially Grace who would not leave her side.

Thankful for 8 years of marriage to this hunk. 

Thankful for my mom who lets me come to her house and eat her food with all my kids.
Thankful for little girls who insist on putting on their own shoes. 
Thankful for pink leg warmers.
Thankful for sisters
And brothers + cousin Ziggy
... and cousins who live down the street from us.

Thankful for a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at Uncle Tommy's and Aunt Jess's. 

Not so thankful for my monkey in the middle and my Isaiah breaking his collar bone. 
Thankful for our trooper at the emergency room. 

Thankful for Advent beginning. 


  1. Love all that yore thankful for but WHAT??? Isaiah? Poor thing?
    Did you break his collar bone with the kickball home runs? ;)
    Hope he's okay.
    Love you all!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about Isaiah! Did you hear that Avila also broke her collarbone this past week? What is UP?

    hope he feels better soon!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!! So sorry about Isaiah....apparently collarbones are ridiculously easy to break. my oldest broke hers lasy May

  4. Hi there!
    Love your fun family...
    Hope the little one is feeling better soon!
    My sister broke her collarbone once too...
    Oh...and kickball...I have a story...
    Madison was my firstborn. I spent every moment with her...we played, and sang songs, and learned letters and numbers...I sent her to Kindergarten certain that she was the most well rounded 6 year old around. ; )
    One day during the first week of school, she came home crying.
    When I asked her what was wrong, she said that they played a game at recess and she had no idea what to do! I couldn't believe it and I asked her what happened. She said some kid rolled a ball at her and she was supposed to kick it and then all the other kids were yelling at her to run, and she didn't know which way, and she ran the wrong way!
    True story!
    Apparently I neglected to teach my daughter one of the very basic games if childhood...kickball!!!!!
    Humbling moment of motherhood right there! : )


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