May 15, 2014

Tea Time with Gracie Girl

It is with many pink and sparkly smiley faces that I have the pleasure of announcing that our Gracie girl is now 4 years of age! Our lil' chatter box has been talking about her birthday for the past 365 days, give or take a few, so we were all more than ready to celebrate when the day came. 

Da Gracie girl woke up to a decorated breakfast nook, then breakfast of her choice- Matt's famous egg n' a holes, affirmations from all of us, and a treasure hunt of gifts to find and open. 

*Sigh* The sleepy eyed look gets me every time. 

After her morning bliss it was on to her Princess Tea Party that I have been thinking about doing since ~oh I dunno know~ she was practically born! Four of her lil' friends and their moms joined us for this special tea party, in which I happily googled, planned, and shopped for weeks in order to create a most perfectly pink and girly atmosphere. When Grace walked in the doors to her party she was left speechless (*ahem* an extremely rare occasion) and just walked around looking and gawking at everything. In that moment the short 4 hours of sleep that I got the night before made it all worth it. 

A huge thanks to my mom who hosted the party at her beautiful home, cooked and decorated with me until 1 am and then was up and at em' an hour and half before all the girls and moms got there. Thanks mom!

Now onto an overload of photos, because I don't want to forget anything and because I have no sense of restraint when it comes to posting pics. 
Some Grammy love. 
Cooking decorating. 
Necklace Making.
Tea Cup Painting. 
Cousin Mia
Dress Up Relay. 
Happy birthday, sweet Grace. 
Our family would not be the same without you. Your laughter, never ending talking, and dancing brighten all of our lives every single day!


  1. Oh my goodness, that hat making is adorable! Totally stealing this if we ever actually let Cecilia have a birthday party with more than just family attending... Happy Birthday to Grace!

  2. You are amazing.
    This party is perfect. : )
    Happy Birthday to your princess!

  3. Such a cute party idea- I'm amazed at all the food and activities you put together!! And I love posts w/ lots of pictures. :)


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