May 17, 2014

All will be well

Dan Lyons, a dear friend of ours, has lost his 5 year battle to cancer this morning. I have no doubt that he shot straight like an arrow to Heaven with Mary holding him and presenting him to Jesus. My heart is full of sadness and my eyes tears for his family and beloved wife at their loss of their amazing Dan. 

I had the honor of working with Dan at Ave Maria University in the department of Student Life. And whenever, and I mean every. single. time, Dan walked into a room it would automatically light up. His presence, bright smile, kind words, or funny joke always left me and anyone who was around feeling better about themselves. 

When I close my eyes and remember the many times I had conversations with Dan in my office or at a staff meeting my heart smiles with joy. As his friend he made me feel special, feel loved-- a feeling that I have never forgotten and continues to this very day each and every time I think of him. The thing is, though, I am one of thousands who feel this way about Dan and have been touched so deeply by his friendship. He is one of the truest testaments of being God's smile, God's love, and God's joy that I have ever encountered.  

My heart has been crying for weeks now as I have followed his story and fight with cancer. My friend Ann and I have been leaning on each other through texting and she put it so well this morning when she wrote to me: "So tragic and beautiful all mixed together." 

Dan has suffered so greatly with and through Jesus for over 5 years now and he has been such an inspiration to so, so many of us. But not only did Dan suffer, I have witnessed his wife Hanna (through her writings on their blog) fight and suffer with him. Though I have never met Hanna, she has selflessly made so many feel apart of Dan's battle through her words and pictures. Her example of true love and self sacrifice is one that I will never forget.  
Hanna and Dan Lyons
Dan and Hanna's motto throughout the last 5 years of their battle with his cancer has been "All Will Be Well". And now as the fight is over and Dan is with Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the Saints and angels, all is truly well.

Dan Lyons, please pray for us.


  1. Tom's sister, Sally, went to college and was close friends with Dan. We've been following this too.

    Hanna and Dan's love is so inspiring, and it's definitely making me hold Tom a little tighter these days.

  2. Amen my sweet friend. Dan, pray for us. I will alway remember Dan's bright smile.

  3. Kristin, beautifully said! Dan's smile could light up a room and I know lives at AMU were touched by this beautiful soul. Dan and Hanna's story is truly inspiring..their faith-filled journey touched my heart over the last few years. My heart goes out to Hanna and the family...Dan, rest in peace. All will be well! Kathy Dittus

  4. All Will Be Well, is such a great message of hope. What an inspiration! Love and prayers to his family and yours Maz.


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