July 31, 2013

Our first born

Last week we celebrated Isaiah's 7th birthday.
I don't know which is harder for me to believe that he is 7 or that I am 35!
I keep saying to myself: "Say what? 7 years, really? Where have the years gone?" Then in the next hour reality hits and the walls are closing in on me and I start thinking: "Yea, I definitely have been doing this for 7 years and here is a handful of hair that I just pulled out to prove it."

All hair pulling out aside, really what would I do without my sweet Zah. My first babe. He literally had me at waaaaah and then wrapped me around his little finger when he latched on within seconds. I then couldn't take my eyes off him for lets just say his entire first year of life. He was the cutest baby I had ever seen and even better than that-- he was all mine.

In life I have found that there is nothing like your first of anything. I mean I still remember the first Burger King whopper that ever touched my lips. Seriously, that whopper with cheese and extra mayo was the best thing I had ever eaten! So good that a mere 24 years later I can still conjer up my satisfied tastes buds.

Better than a deluxe cheeseburger though, there is absolutely nothing like your first born baby. Yes, I struggled from major post partum depression and yes my labor was a labor from hell, but still in the midst of that baby Isaiah was the best thing that had ever happened to me. And within minutes of him being placed on my chest I thought: I can't wait to do this again.

Isaiah is the sweetest, most sensitive little boy and our life is way better with him in it.

Now for the photo montage that I just know you are dying to see *wink, wink*.
My two morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed guys smiling for a bday pic. 

Isaiah requested to play a football game at his party. All of the guys were happy to oblige. 
Could life get any better when my mom offers to host my kids birthday party? Oh yes it can, when she makes the cake, grills the hamburgers, and bakes the french fries for the party too!
Emily and Mags took the kids to Lego Land, which was a gift from my mom and dad. They met up with their favorite friends. 
The 4 amigos.

July 29, 2013

All for Jesus

What  a weekend! First of all, Matt and I made history by not spatting even once during our hot and cramped travels to NYC! But even more importantly, Brother Pierre Toussaint (who I talked about here) gave his whole life over to the service of God by professing final vows of poverty, chastity, obedience with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR's).

Even though I was up, down and all around the back of the church because our sweet baby Hope refused to take a nap during the 3 hour mass, I was still truly moved by the presence and gentle power of the Holy Spirit.
Through my smile I am saying: "Please go to sleep, pleeeease go to sleep."
This was our campsite in the back of the Church.

One of the most powerful parts for me during the mass was when the brothers laid prostrate in adoration before God while a beautiful song calling on the intercession of the saints was sung. If you have never seen this before it may seem a little weird in the picture below, but there really is something so raw and just plain awesome when witnessing someone lay there giving everything so humbly to Christ.
There were 5 CFR Brothers who made final vows. A good friend from College, Mikey Lefever now known as Brother Angelo, was in that group of Friars. I could kick myself for not getting a pic with him, but none the less I felt blessed to be able to see him make vows. 

7 years ago at our wedding (when I was young and tan), I remember peeking out from the back of the church to take a look at the 400+ friends gathered to celebrate with us.  In the midst of all those people it was Brother PT (who was then known as Alain) who caught my attention. He was kneeling in the back of the Church praying and in that moment his pure heart and love for God really touched me. And today again, as he was surrendering his whole life to God and to the service of others my heart swelled with joy and pride at the person he is and that I can call him friend. 
Matt snapped this pic of Hope right after the Brothers profession or vows. She was ha-ha-happy. 

Witnessing the brothers vows reminded me of Matt and my vows to each other. Even though we may be living out a totally different vocation, really they are one in the same. We vowed to love and cherish each other and to welcome children lovingly into this world. This was our final vows to each other and to God until death do us part, or as Matt says until we kill each other (haha!). So please pray for us as we try to live our vows out as radically as the inspiring CFR brothers from this weekend!

***Now to inundate you with some of my favorite pictures from this weekend. Here.We.Go.

This weekend we were able to see one of our best friends Dominique (Brother PT's sister) and her daughter (my God daughter) Therese. Therese pretty much stole the show with her cuteness, I mean look at that face!
Therese and Hope made first steps in becoming best friends. 

We were also able to see some of our other best friends Ann and John and their cute little boy Maxson. Talk about exactly what the doctor ordered. Before the final vows we met up for some spicy guacamole and drinks. Within seconds of seeing each other the 6 months that we had been apart seemed to vanish, leaving us right back to where we left off. I guess that is what makes "good friends" good friends. 
This pic was taken after 3 intense hours of baby duty during Mass. Ann's little boy Maxson is 19 months, so you can only imagine how much fun that was for her and John!

Isn't he glowing?

Believe me when I say, there is nothing better than when the friars start playing music. 

July 27, 2013

NYC Bound

Matt, Hopie, and I are off to New York City, the land of the big apple and more importantly of the CRF Friars
My better half watching Hope, so I could write this post. He really is better, no exaggeration. He even got me a shot/cup of wine to wipe away any anxiety I have when flying (which NEVER occurred before my 4 babies) and probably because I am just more fun to travel with when I have a little alcohol in me. 

I will be Hope's food source (per always) and pacifier for the weekend. No complaints here though, she's easy to make happy and one baby for 3 days, can you say easy peasy??

We are making this trip to NYC to witness our dear friend Brother Pierre Toussaint make his final vows to the order of the CFR Friars. To put that in laymans terms this means he is making a lifetime commitment (similar to marriage) to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR) order. He is giving up all to follow Christ and taking the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience for the rest of his life. 

Matt has known Brother PT since Pt was 10 years old, so for the last 15 years! And I met him when he went by his birth name, Alain Guitea and was a student at Ave Maria University. Alain was/is one of the nicest and kindest people that you will ever meet. During our early days of marriage we would get to spend quality time with Brother PT while he took study breaks at our abode. We would order Chinese, watch the show of Jack Bauer (aka "24"), and always always be laughing our arses off at something. I will never forget when he babysat Isaiah one night and we came back to a happy baby, yet facing out the wrong way in the exersauser gnawing on an upside down bottle. I can picture it like it was yesterday! 

Also, I can't help but share (because I bubbling over in excitement, really I am, not making that up) that we will be seeing one of our bestest friends Dominique (brother PT's sister) and her baby girl, my God-daughter Therese. 

Now we just have to board our flight, nurse Hope to sleep and basque in the glow of the clouds for 3 hours while having absolutely nothing to do. 

PS. The only way we are able to witness this miraculous event is that my mom (who is in terrible back pain right now) dad, and Mags are watching our 3 other littles. Thank you, thank you Mom!!

July 24, 2013


Well, I have massively failed at blogging everyday. But so is life or at least my life. 

Do you notice anything different about this here blog-o? 
Yes, now you see it. 
New design = awesomeness. Right?  

I have followed in Graces blogging steps (because that is what any Grace obsessed fan member does) and used Jenna over at  Jenna Riley Design+ Creative for a new and updated look. If you are looking to do the same, Jenna is your gal. She is SO easy to work with and has a cute blog that you will not want to miss too. 

Hiring Jenna was my Mother's Day present from Matt and the kids, so you can see how she even puts up with procrastinators and non decision makers like mu-ah (me), who likes every design and font, but at the same time can't figure out how her blog should look. Through multiple emails Jenna handled my back and forth ways in perfect stride. And so, to all of you 22 (23 on a good day) followers, you should use her blog makeover skills too! 
Ps. Is "xo, Kristin" too much at the end of every blog post? I think its cute and it was Jenna's creative doing, but what do you think? Also, the grey on the side- I like it, but would just plain white be better on the eye? Oh the things for me to ponder today, that is why I need your help!

July 21, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday

Happy Sunday y'all!
This is my Sunday Best, picture via Gracie.

And here is Matt ready to rumble in with his Sunday thoughts below. 
Hope you enjoy.

Photo again courtesy of Grace.

LK 10:38-42
Jesus entered a village
where a woman whose name was Martha welcomed him. 
She had a sister named Mary
who sat beside the Lord at his feet listening to him speak.
Martha, burdened with much serving, came to him and said,
"Lord, do you not care
that my sister has left me by myself to do the serving?
Tell her to help me."
The Lord said to her in reply, 
"Martha, Martha, you are anxious and worried about many things.
There is need of only one thing. 
Mary has chosen the better part
and it will not be taken from her."

FASCINATING.  This Gospel story is one of my all time favorites. Its meritorious worth, simply from a story telling stand point, is beyond telling.  

In this Gospel there is no one thing to focus on.  There are tons of different details present. So which one should we/I focus on.... well lets talk about being like Mary and about the way in which she sat and listened to Jesus.

Classically, there have been various interpretations proposed on this Gospel.  

One is that it is the description of the difference between the active and contemplative life, the active life being those in the world and the contemplative life like the sisters, nuns, monks, brothers, priests who pray all day long.   

Another classical explanation is the UNUM NECESITUM. Jesus tells Martha in a gentle/ rebuke reminder that worry and anxiety are worthless.  They produce nothing.  And, Jesus is the better part and is much more important than worry and anxiety.

Now, I've always had a soft heart for Martha.  She's trying so hard to clean and to fix the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords some fine baba ganoush.  I'm always thinking, come on Jesus give her a break.

Then I love the boldness and freedom of Mary.  She sits at the feet of Jesus. This would have been a place reserved for a disciple- A MALE disciple.  Yet, she sees the one thing necessary and sits down in front of it, or I should I say HIM.  These thoughts rocket my mind to think of my girls, Hope and Grace. I think of them being scholars, recognizing something or someone and sitting at its feet and absorbing wisdom and knowledge.... women couldn't do that back then in Jesus' time.  He got the the woman's lib movement started!

Lastly, here's my interpretation.  I believe I've never heard this one.  Where's Lazarus?  Remember?  He's their brother.  Seriously, where is he?  I'm speculating, but he must be distracted- he's not there.  If Jesus where at my house, I would know about it PERIOD.

So, this Gospel story is a very human story.  We can chose to sit or to do too much.  We can struggle with figuring out what the "one thing is that is necessary..." But, we shouldn't be like Lazarus- missing.  Don't miss out.  
I love how Mary is listening so intently in this picture. 

July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen@ Conversion Diaries and the whole gang for a round of 7 Quick Takes!

1. I just found a 3 week old draft of 7 quick takes in my archive of posts. I thought that I had published this bad boy, but somehow forgot. This "thinking I have done something but not actually doing it" happens to me ALL of dee time. Like take for instance texting. I always think I have texted someone back, because in my head I do and I say things so perfectly there (in mi head). But in reality nothing ever hits my phone in the form of a text. Same goes for emails and calling people back. Literally, I have conversations with people in my head and think that they actually happened. So with that being said, I am doing a group apology right now to all of you who are the victims of my careless and blondish ways. I am sorry and I love you.

Back to quick takes. So, I will be including old and new takes, because I could never let precious pics and captions go to waste.


2. We are so blessed here at Team Boda for all of the holy people that we know and who brave a visit with us! Father Isaac, Matt's bestest friend, came to visit us, which is one of our kids (and Matt and I) fav visitors! Father Isaac is a CFR Friar and he is nothing but inspiring with the way in which he lives for God, serves the poor, and is just so "real" while being so holy. Father Isaac writes for the CFR Blog too, so CHECK IT OUT.
I couldn't get Grace to stop sticking her tongue out. 
3. I took these 8 months pics of Hope late and once again I am late with the 9month pics. I am just a little slow with the sticker picture thingy. Better slow than whatever.

She really is the sweetest babe ever. 
4. My mom helped me pack up the rest of our Sailfish home, so I made her be in the shoot too.
I hope that I inherit my mom's "young genes". 
5. I had the best photo idea this morning and stewed on it for over an hour trying to figure out the best moment to present it to the kids. My idea: I wanted to snap a pic of all the kids holding signs telling their age. Fabulous, oh-so original idea, right?! Great in my head, but to get all 4 kids to cooperate-- not so good. To say the least, it was a quantum fail.
Even my dear instagram could not help me out. 
I did manage to snap a cute one of Hopie girl though. And as usual she has been the best behaved all day.

I got this one too. 
6. So, like a month ago our car stalled in the middle of the road (aka: we ran out of gas like a mile from our house). How do you run out of gas this day in age when there is a gas station on each and every corner, I do not know, but embarrassingly enough we did. The only non logical explanation I have for this very stupid stupid mishap is that my name is Kristin Loboda and the 3 bigger kids were with my parents while Matt and I were taking breakfast date/break from packing the house with Hopie girl and we must have been so googly eyed at each other with no whiny kid distractions that we just didn't notice the neon yellow light screaming NO GAS.

I shall continue... so our car stalls and we put our flashers on and cross the street. We begin flagging people as they drive by, so that they know to slow down and go around our car. Like so in the picture below.

Well, one guy was texting and never even saw us on the side of the road or our van stopped dead on the road.

And *Boom* *Crash*
The first word out of my mouth was a looooudd curse word of the worst kind, scandalizing the ears of our innocent lil babe and shocking my dear husband. And thus showing even demonstrating more my desperate need for prayers from friends and strangers alike.

The texting guy was fine, just looking for his phone when he got out of his truck, but our car was totaled.

So, the moral of this story is DO NOT text and drive. EVER. And do not run out of gas in the middle of the road.

7. Jen put a challenge out there to blog every day for the next week and funny enough Matt has been challenging me to do a 30 day in a row blogging run. Would anyone actually want to read everyday for 30 days. Probably not, but I think (still just a think) I am going to try it. Don't worry I will let you know via FB and I will completely understand if you de-friend me during my 30 day blogging fest.

7.5. Does anyone else have a child who insists on looking like Rambo everysingleday??

July 15, 2013

Is it weird that...

-- It's only 9am and I want a big fat juicy hamburger with extra mayo on it. I blame this on nursing and I also blame nursing for my stubborn love handles that seem to be dead set on staying right where they are for-ev-er.
My mouth is watering from this picture. I think I  know what we are having for dinner.
-- Cosco's taco seasoning is like a HUGE staple in this house, enough so that I made a trip to the fatty store just for it. 

-- The happiest day of my life (okay, okay one of the happiest days of my life) was when my mom and dad pulled out of our driveway with Isaiah, Isaac, and Grace for 2 nights and 3 days, so that I could pack up the entire house. It really was bliss.

-- That the second happiest day in my life was the next morning when waking up to no bigger kids asking me for ANY-THANG! 

-- That my almost 7 year old asks daily for an iPad for his birthday. And for a split second, while wanting him to stop talking,  I entertained the idea of getting him one when I don't even have one myself.

-- I seem to always bribe Gracie girl that if she does x, then she will be able to put makeup on later. Why do I do this? Well duh, because it is the only thing that works.

-- Matt tells me at least once a week: "Babe, you should really make an appointment to get your hair done." Yes, its been 10 months since scissors or hair dye has touched these split end tangly locks, but really who has time. Not this mom. (I just looked in the mirror. I'll probably be heading to Aveda this week).
Really though, who needs Aveda when you have instagram to make your hair glow. 
-- The house we are renting does NOT have a dish disposal. Are you kidding me? Now EVERY time I am slaving away over the dishes and wiping out the sink for the hundredth time because the teeny tiniest crumb clogged up the drain or when peeling a potato or cutting the stem off of a strawberry, I feel complete solidarity with the pioneer woman living in her log cabins far from civilization, cooking all day over a fire and walking a half a mile for fresh water. Complete solidarity.  

-- I am still wearing the same flowered skirt that my mom bought me in 8th grade. Not getting rid of it. Ever. 

-- I dream about staying in a room by myself for 2 nights and a day with no one talking to me and food just thrown in at meal times. *sigh*  Doesn't that sound marvelous. See I told you I had an introverted side. 

July 4, 2013

Onward... and Happy Independence Day!

Well, we are here on Davis Island. After working day and night we are finally all moved in.
We have a new ride in our backyard. 
And Grace has her own playhouse. 
I am actually typing from our new couch in our new living room. However, I'm still looking at the same cracked screen on my apple computer - some things will never change.

Life is good.

Have I mentioned that we now live like 30 seconds (driving) from my parents house and since we moved 6 days ago we have been back and forth from their home like 200 times-- like no exaggeration. It is a dream to be able to stop in for a minute, or drop the kids off for an hour (or 3), or just run over for some almond milk, eggs, water, dinner, snacks, coffee, trash bags- pretty much anything and everything. It feels somehow just right living by family and having them in walking distance from our day to day life. Even today, I loved being able to drive .5 miles to put Hope down for a nap during our 4th of July party and then running home 5 different times because I forgot everything from sunscreen to an avocado. It's just so easy and I like easy.

On a different note, one of my bestest friends and matron of honor in my wedding is visiting with her 4 kiddos (no pressure there to get the house set up, Haha!).
She is the tall, beautious one to the left of me.
Theresa is the kind of friend where I can simply be myself all. of. the. time, no questions asked.  And we always, always have fun together no matter what life may be throwing at us at that particular moment.

She is a true gem of a friend.
Happy go lucky Steubenville days!
During my college years Theresa, Ali (another gem), and I were roomies and lived in the projects (yes, literally in the projects, which were right next to campus). Those 2 years of living together were some of the best of my life. The 3 of us were the type of friends who would want to go "out" at night to a party, bar, or whatev' was going with lots of people only to stand in a circle of the three of us talking, laughing, and dancing all night. Oh the fun we had!
Back in the day with Ali and Theresa! Excuse the blinding ball of light, I had to take a picture of a picture. Yes, I know we are high tech over here. 
Theresa married her college sweetheart Pete, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan serving our country in the special forces. The only way T's visit here could be more perfect is if he was with us.

Thinking of Pete thousands of miles away fighting to keep our country free and safe tore at my heart tonight and left a lump in my throat as we celebrated the 4th with BBQ and fireworks. What gratitude I have for him and all of our armed forces. I see first hand the gigantic sacrifice he makes, as well as, supermom Theresa and her sweet kids. I can't even begin to imagine what life is like for them when they are apart for over 8 months at a time. Keep this beautiful family in your prayers and may we all be grateful for each and every person in service to our country!
Theresa with her oldest Gabe and youngest Fiona.
Theresa's #3, Eamon, is at the end and I just love how he is winking.
Felicity (her #2) and Isaiah
Happy Independence Day everyone!