July 27, 2013

NYC Bound

Matt, Hopie, and I are off to New York City, the land of the big apple and more importantly of the CRF Friars
My better half watching Hope, so I could write this post. He really is better, no exaggeration. He even got me a shot/cup of wine to wipe away any anxiety I have when flying (which NEVER occurred before my 4 babies) and probably because I am just more fun to travel with when I have a little alcohol in me. 

I will be Hope's food source (per always) and pacifier for the weekend. No complaints here though, she's easy to make happy and one baby for 3 days, can you say easy peasy??

We are making this trip to NYC to witness our dear friend Brother Pierre Toussaint make his final vows to the order of the CFR Friars. To put that in laymans terms this means he is making a lifetime commitment (similar to marriage) to the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR) order. He is giving up all to follow Christ and taking the vows of poverty, chastity, obedience for the rest of his life. 

Matt has known Brother PT since Pt was 10 years old, so for the last 15 years! And I met him when he went by his birth name, Alain Guitea and was a student at Ave Maria University. Alain was/is one of the nicest and kindest people that you will ever meet. During our early days of marriage we would get to spend quality time with Brother PT while he took study breaks at our abode. We would order Chinese, watch the show of Jack Bauer (aka "24"), and always always be laughing our arses off at something. I will never forget when he babysat Isaiah one night and we came back to a happy baby, yet facing out the wrong way in the exersauser gnawing on an upside down bottle. I can picture it like it was yesterday! 

Also, I can't help but share (because I bubbling over in excitement, really I am, not making that up) that we will be seeing one of our bestest friends Dominique (brother PT's sister) and her baby girl, my God-daughter Therese. 

Now we just have to board our flight, nurse Hope to sleep and basque in the glow of the clouds for 3 hours while having absolutely nothing to do. 

PS. The only way we are able to witness this miraculous event is that my mom (who is in terrible back pain right now) dad, and Mags are watching our 3 other littles. Thank you, thank you Mom!!

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  1. Love this post! I only wish we could lay on the airport floor together with our babies and bottles of wine ;).
    So glad you got to go to NYC and can't wait to catch up on the phone!
    Like the new fancy blog, too!
    Love you!


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