July 4, 2013

Onward... and Happy Independence Day!

Well, we are here on Davis Island. After working day and night we are finally all moved in.
We have a new ride in our backyard. 
And Grace has her own playhouse. 
I am actually typing from our new couch in our new living room. However, I'm still looking at the same cracked screen on my apple computer - some things will never change.

Life is good.

Have I mentioned that we now live like 30 seconds (driving) from my parents house and since we moved 6 days ago we have been back and forth from their home like 200 times-- like no exaggeration. It is a dream to be able to stop in for a minute, or drop the kids off for an hour (or 3), or just run over for some almond milk, eggs, water, dinner, snacks, coffee, trash bags- pretty much anything and everything. It feels somehow just right living by family and having them in walking distance from our day to day life. Even today, I loved being able to drive .5 miles to put Hope down for a nap during our 4th of July party and then running home 5 different times because I forgot everything from sunscreen to an avocado. It's just so easy and I like easy.

On a different note, one of my bestest friends and matron of honor in my wedding is visiting with her 4 kiddos (no pressure there to get the house set up, Haha!).
She is the tall, beautious one to the left of me.
Theresa is the kind of friend where I can simply be myself all. of. the. time, no questions asked.  And we always, always have fun together no matter what life may be throwing at us at that particular moment.

She is a true gem of a friend.
Happy go lucky Steubenville days!
During my college years Theresa, Ali (another gem), and I were roomies and lived in the projects (yes, literally in the projects, which were right next to campus). Those 2 years of living together were some of the best of my life. The 3 of us were the type of friends who would want to go "out" at night to a party, bar, or whatev' was going with lots of people only to stand in a circle of the three of us talking, laughing, and dancing all night. Oh the fun we had!
Back in the day with Ali and Theresa! Excuse the blinding ball of light, I had to take a picture of a picture. Yes, I know we are high tech over here. 
Theresa married her college sweetheart Pete, who is currently deployed in Afghanistan serving our country in the special forces. The only way T's visit here could be more perfect is if he was with us.

Thinking of Pete thousands of miles away fighting to keep our country free and safe tore at my heart tonight and left a lump in my throat as we celebrated the 4th with BBQ and fireworks. What gratitude I have for him and all of our armed forces. I see first hand the gigantic sacrifice he makes, as well as, supermom Theresa and her sweet kids. I can't even begin to imagine what life is like for them when they are apart for over 8 months at a time. Keep this beautiful family in your prayers and may we all be grateful for each and every person in service to our country!
Theresa with her oldest Gabe and youngest Fiona.
Theresa's #3, Eamon, is at the end and I just love how he is winking.
Felicity (her #2) and Isaiah
Happy Independence Day everyone! 


  1. Oh wow...that playhouse...awesome, awesome, awesome, my girls would love that. living near family is the best!

  2. Great post! I just love your new house....and that you are so close now :)

  3. Theresa looks so so so familiar to me. And I love that she named her son Eamon too
    :) Have FUN!!!

  4. Looks like such a fun house! And that's awesome that you're so close to family. Hope the unpacking is quick and painless!

  5. Is that a tree house that Grace is in?
    I don't think Hope's hair thing could be any cuter!
    And I'm so glad you are so close to your parents. I'm sure they love it and your kiddos do too!


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