July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Joining Jen@ Conversion Diaries and the whole gang for a round of 7 Quick Takes!

1. I just found a 3 week old draft of 7 quick takes in my archive of posts. I thought that I had published this bad boy, but somehow forgot. This "thinking I have done something but not actually doing it" happens to me ALL of dee time. Like take for instance texting. I always think I have texted someone back, because in my head I do and I say things so perfectly there (in mi head). But in reality nothing ever hits my phone in the form of a text. Same goes for emails and calling people back. Literally, I have conversations with people in my head and think that they actually happened. So with that being said, I am doing a group apology right now to all of you who are the victims of my careless and blondish ways. I am sorry and I love you.

Back to quick takes. So, I will be including old and new takes, because I could never let precious pics and captions go to waste.


2. We are so blessed here at Team Boda for all of the holy people that we know and who brave a visit with us! Father Isaac, Matt's bestest friend, came to visit us, which is one of our kids (and Matt and I) fav visitors! Father Isaac is a CFR Friar and he is nothing but inspiring with the way in which he lives for God, serves the poor, and is just so "real" while being so holy. Father Isaac writes for the CFR Blog too, so CHECK IT OUT.
I couldn't get Grace to stop sticking her tongue out. 
3. I took these 8 months pics of Hope late and once again I am late with the 9month pics. I am just a little slow with the sticker picture thingy. Better slow than whatever.

She really is the sweetest babe ever. 
4. My mom helped me pack up the rest of our Sailfish home, so I made her be in the shoot too.
I hope that I inherit my mom's "young genes". 
5. I had the best photo idea this morning and stewed on it for over an hour trying to figure out the best moment to present it to the kids. My idea: I wanted to snap a pic of all the kids holding signs telling their age. Fabulous, oh-so original idea, right?! Great in my head, but to get all 4 kids to cooperate-- not so good. To say the least, it was a quantum fail.
Even my dear instagram could not help me out. 
I did manage to snap a cute one of Hopie girl though. And as usual she has been the best behaved all day.

I got this one too. 
6. So, like a month ago our car stalled in the middle of the road (aka: we ran out of gas like a mile from our house). How do you run out of gas this day in age when there is a gas station on each and every corner, I do not know, but embarrassingly enough we did. The only non logical explanation I have for this very stupid stupid mishap is that my name is Kristin Loboda and the 3 bigger kids were with my parents while Matt and I were taking breakfast date/break from packing the house with Hopie girl and we must have been so googly eyed at each other with no whiny kid distractions that we just didn't notice the neon yellow light screaming NO GAS.

I shall continue... so our car stalls and we put our flashers on and cross the street. We begin flagging people as they drive by, so that they know to slow down and go around our car. Like so in the picture below.

Well, one guy was texting and never even saw us on the side of the road or our van stopped dead on the road.

And *Boom* *Crash*
The first word out of my mouth was a looooudd curse word of the worst kind, scandalizing the ears of our innocent lil babe and shocking my dear husband. And thus showing even demonstrating more my desperate need for prayers from friends and strangers alike.

The texting guy was fine, just looking for his phone when he got out of his truck, but our car was totaled.

So, the moral of this story is DO NOT text and drive. EVER. And do not run out of gas in the middle of the road.

7. Jen put a challenge out there to blog every day for the next week and funny enough Matt has been challenging me to do a 30 day in a row blogging run. Would anyone actually want to read everyday for 30 days. Probably not, but I think (still just a think) I am going to try it. Don't worry I will let you know via FB and I will completely understand if you de-friend me during my 30 day blogging fest.

7.5. Does anyone else have a child who insists on looking like Rambo everysingleday??


  1. I do the head conversation thing too, and I wish there was some technology that would communicate my thoughts to paper/blog/texts. Life would be so much easier.
    Hope is SUCH a cutie pie!
    And that is awful about your car! What a crazy scenario. :(

    1. I have thought of the exact same thing. I need a "seri" in my brain.

  2. Kristin, I can't TELL you how many times I've written a letter, a text or email (or even paid a bill) in my head and it registered as "Done!" only to find out later it was in fact not done and I have to go check my hair color in the mirror! (Maybe my brain is seeing the grays as blonde, Lol.) Actually, I think it's part of motherhood and loss of sleep. : )

  3. so cute! love this one! I THINK the pics are great ;)
    can't wait to see pics of the new place, too.
    i should try to blog for a week straight to keep me on track!
    but i guess i could use the excuse of having a 5 week old, too.

    1. Yes, I think you have a pretty good excuse :). I have used your pie post nearly 20 times. My family is addicted to it! Can't wait to try your fish.

  4. Oh no for the car! So glad you were all ok!

  5. oh my goodness thank goodness you got out of the car and were across the street!! So glad you are ok. It really is sad that people just are so careless behind the wheel. Praise God for guarding angels keeping you safe! and I hope you and Matt never ever loose those googly eyes for one another!!!


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