July 24, 2013


Well, I have massively failed at blogging everyday. But so is life or at least my life. 

Do you notice anything different about this here blog-o? 
Yes, now you see it. 
New design = awesomeness. Right?  

I have followed in Graces blogging steps (because that is what any Grace obsessed fan member does) and used Jenna over at  Jenna Riley Design+ Creative for a new and updated look. If you are looking to do the same, Jenna is your gal. She is SO easy to work with and has a cute blog that you will not want to miss too. 

Hiring Jenna was my Mother's Day present from Matt and the kids, so you can see how she even puts up with procrastinators and non decision makers like mu-ah (me), who likes every design and font, but at the same time can't figure out how her blog should look. Through multiple emails Jenna handled my back and forth ways in perfect stride. And so, to all of you 22 (23 on a good day) followers, you should use her blog makeover skills too! 
Ps. Is "xo, Kristin" too much at the end of every blog post? I think its cute and it was Jenna's creative doing, but what do you think? Also, the grey on the side- I like it, but would just plain white be better on the eye? Oh the things for me to ponder today, that is why I need your help!


  1. I love the "xo, Kristin" and I like the grey...I have zero design skills and you shouldn't take my advice over...anyone's. Except maybe my husband's.

  2. I agree- love the grey and xo!

  3. looks amazing Kristin!! Wish i had extra cash to pay for her creative juices for my blogg too!!! I am so behind on your blogg. finally have some time to catch up!!! The grey is nice!! :0)


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