February 27, 2014

Cast Free for this Mamma!

Always some sort of news over here to announce, so without further adieu: We are now official nanny-less. *Tears and more tears*. We will miss our Emily dearly, and I mean dearly, but so thankful that she is family and marrying my brother come August, so she is forever bound to us and our little crew (lucky her, haha!). 
As always God's timing is perfect for me to be on my own again, for one we done run out of money and two I just had my 6 week doctors appointment and I have been cleared to go cast-less for the rest of my days. 

A picture for the books of my gnarly titanium plate and screws.  It can't be healthy to have metal like this in your body, just saying.
This is my happy face in the doctors office upon hearing the good news. Just in case you are wondering, I waited until the doc left the room to take this selfie. 

The other night at dinner my dad told me that I should blog about a certain topic, so with all due respect to my big papa I think I shall. Ps, I didn't even know that my dad knew that I had a blog, so I was happily surprised that he thought I had some sort of "voice" that was worth listening to (or should I be honest and say a voice worth scanning through for pictures :). 
So, by my dad's demand I am here to inform all of you lovely readers that if you are in an accident and have to go to el hospital due to injuries don't and I repeat DON'T sign any papers without really knowing what you are signing. Some might say: duh, Kristin, you should never sign anything without knowing what it really says. But when you are in a bad car accident for the first time, multiplied by the most intense pain of your life, time-zzzed by desperately wanting to get a hold of any pain medicine, and polished off by blinding tears streaming down ones face listening to the hospital staff half explain (or really not explain at all) what each paper said seemed to be the only golden ticket to getting out of the hallway and into a hospital bed where a doctor could help me. 

Well in my vulnerable state, I now come to find out that I signed away my PIP without even being informed that I had a PIP or that I was signing it away to the hospital. 
What is a PIP, you ask? It is this handy little thing called personal insurance protection. This protection gives you a certain amount of money (money that you earned and give to the insurance company every single month) that is set aside to help you pay for your needs that may occur with an injury. For me those needs included HEEEELLLLPP with my 4 young kids, one who I might add is still nursing. I could not cook, clean, pick up my baby from her crib, change a diaper, push a stroller, drive a car -- heck I could barely shower without help. So we really, really needed that PIP money to pay our dear nanny who did everything for me and the kids until Matt got home from work. 
But, yep you guessed it, I signed that puppy away somehow without even being told that that was what I was doing. Not only did I sign it away, but the hospital then took it for themselves, even though we have insurance and my bills WILL indeed be paid. 
Anyways, what I am trying to say is don't sign your PIP away even in the midst of intense pain and no real knowledge of what the heck is even going on around you. Hire a lawyer straight off the bat, so that they can do your bidding.
Enough said. 
Dad, I hope I did you proud. 
And now that my blue cast is off hopefully I will be pounding these keys a little more regularly. 

February 11, 2014

Friends and Firsts

It just has to be noted on da blog that I have the best group of high school friends any girl could dream of. We have all stayed close for over 17 years, which yes makes me officially very very old now. 

Though our days of playing basketball, getting ready for high school football games, and laughing our way (or sleeping, *ahem Sahmy*) through government class are over, we now share life as moms, wives, and working. Most of my gals still live close to each other in Indianapolis and Bloomington, but I have been out of their neck of the woods since we graduated in 1997.  And although I am probably the worst human on the face of the planet when it comes to calling someone back or remembering a birthday, my gals just plain old don't care (or at least have gotten use to it). They know me and get me and still call me "Maz". They know of my Jesus loving, non hair washing, and sometimes ditzy ways and just accept me for who I am. I am blessed to call each of them life long friends.

During my recent woes with my broken wrist they all sent me cards and messages and then as a group sent this bunch of my favorite flower, which make me smile inside each time I pass them in our entry way. 
I take the best pictures of myself, don't I. They're not scary at all. 

It also must be noted that yesterday was a day of firsts over here in Bodaworld. And this picture describes it all.
First time time that I am wearing shinier shoes than Grace. First time in her whole 3 1/2 years of living that Grace has ever worn her brothers hand-me-downs and nĂºmero uno that her princess feet have ever had a go in tennis shoes.

Gracie girl has also come up with a whole new set of rules for Sunday Mass preparation.
Lipstick, curling of her hair, and perfectly polished nails are now all a requirement for seeing Jesus at Mass. Honestly, it is so super cute to see her get excited for Church now that I happily oblige. 

Well, I am off with my shiny shoes for an early Valentine's date with my husband! Don't be jealous, the 14th will be spent managing loving all our little loves ages 7 and under. 

Happy Tuesday!

February 4, 2014

Sean and Catherines Wedding

I know everyone was thinking Super Bowl this past Sunday night (rightly so), but instead of watching my thoughts where pounded out in this beaut of a post, which is now going up 2 days later. So per always, I am with right with the times. 

I must ask that if you don't watch "The Bachelor" please do NOT read any further, for you will find this quite silly and may even think less of me for watching such gems on TV. Comprendo? Good.

So with that said, did anyone watch Sean and Catherine's wedding?? Embarrassingly enough I had it penned in my calendar. Yes, your heard that right.

We don't have cable over here, so instead of watching it live I sat with my phone hitting the refresh button on Instagram for like 2 hours. Yea, I am pretty much normal and not obsessive compulsive at all. I knew it was taping at my parents house and that the next morning I would hobble over there to watch it, but I just had to get my eyes on anything related to the wedding right as it was happening, so Instagram with the #thebachelorswedding became my best friend.

Now why didn't I just go over that night to my parents, you may be asking yourselves or probably not because when I actually watched the bachelor wedding makes no difference to you at.all. But still I will tell you... I didn't just march over to parents tube, because my mum and dad had just, ever so generously I might add, watched our 3 bigger kids and their 2 cousins for a big sleepover. And then the next day we added Hopie to the mix while Matt and I had a romantic dinner alone. So, after an overload of kids and the evening ending with Hope pooping all over my parents new hardwood floor, I knew I would be pushing it if I came over bright eyed and bushy tailed the next night wanting to dominate their TV with (of all things) the Bachelor's wedding.

The Big Sleepover

So, I waited patiently while weirdly stocking Instagram and befriending all the previous bachelors and bachelorettes on Facebook trying get any wedding detail possible. My friend Sahmy even called me out when she messaged me:

If only she lived closer we could have watched the wedding together in our wedding dresses like I saw on the pages of all my "new friends" on Instagram pics! 

Because of my slight tendency to be obsessive compulsive, once I get reeled in I can become consumed with reality programs, thus I have not yet invested any time into Juan Pablo's season. (Should I?? Just say the word and I will invest :). But for Sean Lowe's season there was so much hype about him being such a great Christian guy that I just couldn't help myself from taking a peek into the first episode, which of course then got me-- hook, line and sinker.

Everything I have seen and read about Sean does in fact make him seem like a stellar guy who really does love Jesus and is not afraid to stand up for his faith, which of course I luuve.  

In my humble opinion I thought it was pretty amazing how open Sean and Catherine were about not living together before they got married and how they were waiting to have sex until their wedding night. I mean you almost NEVER hear about that in such a positive way from the secular media, so I was happily impressed.

The wedding was beautiful, though a tad bit annoying hearing the words "grown sexy" 80 gazillion times. But it did meet all of my expectations of beauty and love. Sean's dad was the pastor that married them and I just loved how he ended the wedding ceremony with: "Love God the most and you will love each other more." Well said, Papa Jay!

All of the wedding watching made me reminisce about my own wedding day 8 years ago. Catherine reminded me of how giddy I was and how ready I was to finally become united with Matt as my  husband. It was literally a dream come true marrying someone as holy, kind, selfless, and loving as Matt and I just couldn't believe that it was in God's plan that I was the gal for him. In our wedding video I seemed to bounce with joy throughout the entire Mass and then floated with peace through the reception.
All of these are pictures of a picture, hence the stellar quality.

So to Sean and Catherine, even though I don't know you, but at the same time feel like I do from watching your love story and then wedding on TV, may you truly shine for Jesus and be His light wherever you go!

February 1, 2014

Randomness...my favorite kind of posts

- So there is this article swirling around good ol' Facebook about how "The Blog" is a thing of the past. When I read it I literally Lol, because I am always so 10 years behind the times! 

- Who knew life would slow down for me this much with the use of only one arm. I feel like half of the time I am in sss-lll-ooo-www motion. This isn't entirely a bad thing, I mean God does tell us: To be still and know that He is God. So I am trying to be still... just didn't realize it would be so damn hard. 

- Last weekend the big Gaspirilla took place here in Tampa. I still don't know if I completely "get" what Gaspirilla is all about, but from what I picked up it is this crazy celebration of the invasion of pirates, starting with boats decorated as pirate ships on the water and then with a land parade following. Basically, it seemed to consist of LOTS of happy people who start drinking at breakfast and throw tons of cool beads for all to collect. We ended up watching the boats from afar with ice cold sprites in our hands. It was a gradual introduction into this all day affair, baby steps for us native Naples people.  
- Since moving to Tampa my amazing mom started a women's prayer group with some equally amazing gals. We are reading a book called "Discovering the Feminine Genius" (highly, like super highly, recommend it!). The other night while us women were in discussion the topic of praying the rosary came up. It got my wheels a-turning that I SO want to be that family that says a nightly rosary together. Not just to be that family, but because we Boda's SO need all the grace that God has for us, which I know comes through prayer. So Thursday night I blurted out to our clan: "Gather around and grab a rosary because we are going to pray!" And to my surprise it went amazingly well. After the first decade I asked the kids: "So, do you want to do all 5 decades??" And without a moments hesitation they all screamed yes! Matt and I glanced at each other with a dumbfounded look of "are these really our kids?" and then just quickly smiled, trying not to break the moment. Grace, all on her own, stood up the whole time holding the crucifix out in front of her. It really was the cutest thing and I am praying that this act of holiness translates into her everyday three year old life. 
Ps. I did notice Matt caught a few Zzzzz's during our family rosary, but really how can I fault the man who works all.day.long and comes home to a one armed wife. 

- Speaking of Grace, we went to a princess birthday party last night for one her favorite friends Rachel. Rachel's mom and dad are nothing short of AWE-some people, who Matt and I have secretly been trying to make as our new bff's here in Tampa land (besides Laura and T-dog, of course). Sadly for us though, they are taking a 3 year adventure to Germany, so our dreams of shared date nights and play dates have come to a shattering halt. But we are happy for them, a begrudgingly happiness, if thats possible

Back to Grace and her friend Rachel's party... 

We trekked into their lovely, clean home with not just our 4 little squids, but with 2 cousins added into our mix, doubling the amount of kids that were currently there to celebrate, which of course was just fine with our cool, laid back hosts. Did I mention that Rachel's dad brews his own beer? Super cool and had me at hello when I walked through door wanting nothing more than to get my hands on a mug.
So our kids were really great at the party, the boys ran around outside all night while Hope and Grace were in princess heaven. Then came "Game Time" for all of the 3 year old princesses. And who's child was the only one to make a scene and I mean full out crying and howling scene when she got out in hot potato/pass the fairy wand? 

Yes, you guessed it mine.

All of us parents were watching out sweet little girls play their cute little game until Grace lost her grace and literally had a cow that she was indeed out. What's a mom to do in that situation? After 4 kids I still don't really know. My first thought was to grab her out of the circle as quickly as possible and run her to a different room, which would let the other kids keep playing. But, I was blocked by a couch and already holding Hope with one arm. My second thought was to just slowly back away and act like she belonged to someone else's. 

So what did I end up doing... 
I just stood there praying she would stop... 
Literally my hands as well as my tongue were tied. 
Stephanie, the host then came to my rescue moving right on to a different game where sadly Grace's temper pretty much ruined that one as well. 

It is just so embarrassing when my kids behave poorly in front of other people. Please tell me I am not alone!! I like to pride myself on my children being pretty well behaved, respectful, and kind when we are out in public. Of course we have run into many a public tantrums, whining and crying while out and about, but usually a swift look, a small squeeze of the arm, or a quick timeout puts them right back into place. But when none of the above work, I just kind of stand there looking dumb and helpless. As my mom says: "There is nothing like your own children to bring about true humility." 

So, to all the families that were at Rachel's birthday party, who don't read this blog or even know that it exists, I am sorry my Grace ruined the games, but we are trying really, really hard over here :).

And with that awkward ending to a post of randomness, happy weekend to all of you!