October 16, 2013

public letter to my husband

Dear Matthew, 

Close your eyes and imagine the biggest thank you that you have ever seen....Mine comin' at you is even bigger.  

You giving me yesterday and today "off" to come and go/come and nurse Hope as I please, has been amazing for my spirit and refreshed my love for my vocation. You always seem to know just the right way to take care of me in the midst of our crazy life with 4 small children.

Although there is nothing else I would rather be doing than being your wife and mother to our children, having this time to pray, to think, and go to the bathroom alone and in peace has been a little slice of Heaven. 

God surpassed my expectations when he gave me you as my husband. Seriously, you are a zillion times better than what I ever imagined in my head or for that matter any romantic, love story movie that I have seen. YOU swept me off my feet 8 years ago and the sweeping just keeps on coming. 

Laughter and tears fill the air in our home, making life never ever boring. And having you, my bff, to crawl up the mountains of life, soak in the the sun from our view, and sometimes even wade through swampy mess of things makes everything better. 

Thank you for being the best man that I know. I agape you. 

Ps. Do you see why it is so hard for me to get anything done during the day? Just humor me and say yes :). 
*sigh* My view for the morning hours, thank you. 


  1. Love this...and what a view! Makes me miss Florida on this chilly day!

  2. Love this as well!
    What a hubby...and how awesome is your appreciation.
    You two are an amazing example for your littles. : )

  3. Love this, Kristin! Too sweet!

  4. Oh maz, so beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes! Love you guys. And Matt really is soooo great!


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