October 13, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday: Thankfulness-the 10%

Another Sanctifying Sunday with Matt... Enjoy!

Ten percent isn't bad, at least in regards to investments.  Many people would be happy to have that ROI (return on investment) these days.  Winning the lottery has the chances of one in 175 million, which makes ten percent look pretty good.  In today's Gospel only one out of the ten lepers returns to Jesus to say thanks. 

So, Jesus' stats are better than the market and playing the lottery, but somehow seem to fall way short of what is supposed to happen when you're healed of leprosy.  

Among all of the stories in the Gospel, today's has always been one of my favorites. Ten lepers come to him for healing and when they leave all ten are healed.  However, only one returns to thank him. 

I think of the other 9 who were healed. I heard a priest once say that maybe the other 9 didn't realize they were healed. I've never had leprosy, but I can imagine that if you did you would for sure know if it's gone.  For heaven's sake, leprosy still today sequesters people to the fringes of society, it's a terrible disease that eats away at your body.  Webster defines it as a contagious disease that affects the skin, mucous membranes, and nerves, causing discoloration and lumps on the skin and in sever cases disfigurement and deformities....

I like this Gospel story because it hits so close to home. Countless times I've prayed for myself or others for a physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. And through the power of God these healings DO take place!

Sometimes, I find myself like the 9 who don't even return to say thanks.

Other times, I'm like the one who returns to say thanks but doesn't fall down in adoration.

The best times, are when I return to say thanks and fall down before God in an action of complete thanksgiving.
This Gospel story is a reflection of God's infinite and unending mercy to save sinners.  There are no more racial or socioeconomic boundaries.  It is the foreigner among the 10 that returns to say thanks.  The other nine are of Jesus' blood- Isrealites.  This guy's a Samaritan and he's the thankful foreigner.  God's mercy knows no bounds.  

An attitude of gratitude goes a long, long way in our lives and the implications that follow from being thankful are far reaching.  If you're having a hard time with life, a specific situation, relationship, whatever it may be-- try focusing on the good things that God has already done for you.  Put on an "attitude of gratitude" and I guarantee things will begin to change for the better.  

Having a complete heart full of gratitude that impels one to return in thanksgiving will have profound consequences.  

I'm thankful for these 4 healthy kids. 
Don't be caught in up in the 90%, which chose to be thankless.  It's a bad place to be. It's way better to be returning in complete thanksgiving.         

Matt Loboda

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