August 30, 2015

Did I mention we had a baby?

hello, is anyone up? 

I should be in bed fast asleep because all my kids are sleeping but I just can't. ALL the kids are asleep and the world/my house is my oyster. For the first time in 12 hours I can just sit here and do... well whatever the heckkkk I want!! So no I am not sleeping, I am sipping a Heineken and listening to the baby swing rock back and forth back and forth back and forth as Joy finally sleeps! 

It's hard to believe that baby Joy has been with us for 3 1/2 months and I have yet to pin about it. But to sum up our little miracle, she is amazing and beautiful and we just LOVE her. Although she has spent most of her life crying and cryyyyying, she is adored by us all. Reflux or spit up-by-the-gallon should be her middle name, but we chose Mary because what better name than that of the Blessed Mother and reflux, come on, was never on the list. :)
We love it when she is like this but...

Most of the time she is like this... 
or this :(

And then I do this... 
and then I just latch her on because that is what she really wants and then she is like this, well, for a little bit :). {photos by Mags Maz} 

At the old age of 105 (days) Joy's favorite things in this world comprise of one very short list:

1. Numero uno: Joy loves to nurse, nurse, and nurse some more... and then spit up and spit up until her next nursing.
2. She loves me and only wants muah 99.999999% of the time. Although I must mention that our dear friends Ann and John came with their sweet family and spent the weekend with us and she took to them like the finest honey. Anne, John-- come back! Joy misses you, but I miss you even more! 

3. She loves her 4moms mamaRoo, so generously borrowed from Camp Patton. Grace, thank you your the best. I love reading your blog as do thousands, but I love having you as a friend only 10 minutes away even better!! (insert emoticon smile face with the kiss) 

4. Besides Mom, Isaiah comes in as 2nd in Joys repertoire of people. He is somehow her baby whisperer when I am attempting to cook dinner (via turning on the oven for chicken nuggets and cutting up cucumbers and red peppers as our side) and I am praising Jesus when she stops fussing in his arms!

So... Life with 5 has been a little cra-cray and made Mamma bear a little crayZzzz too (as Matt can very well attest too), but we are doing it and loving it all the same. I am bound and determined to pound out Joys birth story because I want to have at least one of our kiddos miracle and oh-so painful entrance into this world recorded... soon and very soon. maybe. hopefully.

And this post was SO meant to be (haha) because right as I am about to press the big publish button Joy is up and that means ready to nurse.

May 20, 2015

Gracie turns the BIG 5!

I was up the other night, like ALL night loooong, with nausea and contractions, which I thought for sure meant that our babe would make her grand entrance into the world, but nope-- false alarm! You would think by baby #5 that I would be an expert in this whole going into labor thing, but that would be a big fat no-- still a beginner. So instead of birthing, I thought I would put one in the archives for da blog.

Grace turned 5 at the beginning of this month! And we celebrated in style for the little princess that she is.
The night before breakfast set up! 
Big bro wanted a pic with bday girl. 
As much as she is a mommas girl, she is really all dad's. 

Siblings :). 

Bday lunch after preschool at Panara Bread. 

Feather clips from the dollar section at Target take the pie in gifts. 
Off to see Cinderella with friends! 

Birthday cake at Jaja's and Grammy's. 

What else could you want!!

Gracie girl, you make our family so complete. Your love for Hopie, your brothers, and the baby in my belly inspires me to love more. Fresh flowers, mac and cheese, painting your nails, putting on make up, coloring pictures for Jesus and daddy, shopping with Aunt Maggie, going to Panara Bread with Grammy and playing moms are all some of your favorite activities as a 4 year old. I can only imagine all the things that year 5 will bring and I feel so blessed to be able to spend each day with you. You are the best oldest daughter and sister that I could ask for. Love you!!

May 3, 2015


Isaiah, our oldest son, received his First Holy Communion today! What a blessed and love-filled day. It was so fun to witness Isaiah bubbling with so much joy and peace. One of my favorite moments was when we were praying a decade of the rosary in our car on the way to Church and Isaiah said: "When I woke up today the first thing I did was pray a decade and dedicate this day to Mary!" 
Isaiah after receiving Jesus for the first time. 
One of my favorite pictures, because (like always) eyes are always on Hope! 

Uncle Mark
Grammy and Jaja.
It must be noted that my parents have been helping us move for over a week now and somehow my mom managed to host Isaiah's First Communion party AND to cook all of the delicious food for the brunch. Yes, that means that once again I did nothing but show up for the party! Someday I want to be like her, but for now I will just keep being spoiled by her love and care for me and my family. 
Uncle Michael, Aunt Emily, and Baby Max!
Isaac took over with the camara...
... And Isaac somehow captured Isaiah receiving the body of Christ! 
Isaiah was able to share his special day with two of his best friends from Villa Madonna, Landon and Olivia. 
We are so thankful to call the Parson family friends! They have all been such a huge Blessing to us as we have transitioned into our life here in Tampa. ** 2 of their kiddos are missing from this pic, probably running around outside with my kids. ;)
The Gleason's came to love on Isaiah today too!! For a present on his special day they gave Isaiah a water proof watch, which I have a feeling he will never take off again. What a great family they are and a continued blessing to us for many, many years. 

Johnny and Isaiah. 
Isaac capturing an artistic shot ;). 
Grammy and Isaiah at his party! She always makes him feel so loved!

Isaiah, we love you so much and are so proud of you for saying yes to Jesus and allowing Him to come into your heart at such a young age. You are such an important part of our family and it is an honor to be your mom! Happy First Communion day, sweet boy. 

April 6, 2015

He is Risen!!

Just a month behind in pressing the publish button, not so bad for a once a decade blogger ;). 

Happy Easter!! We had the most marvelous, peaceful time at my mom and dads yesterday. I called mom at 430 on Saturday to see what I could make/pick up from the store for our Easter brunch and dinner, but she and Emily laughed at my attempt or lack of attempt to exercise my nonexistent culinarry skills. They said nothing was needed from me to just come and enjoy (I then breathed a sigh of reflief :). 

Did I ever mention that this year I have the honor of being the Middle School youth minister and Confirmation teacher at our Church?! Nope don't think I did, but it has been such a blessing to our growing family. Yes, in some ways made life more busy, but such a blessing. More on that sometime in the next 5 years--probably when I a blog again. 

My daily capturing of our life in pictures has slowed down terrmendously (mostly bc I am iPhone illiterate and never have enough storage on my phone!) but I was able to snap some shots on my brothers phone yesterday. Photo drummmm roll... 

Each expression is priceless. 

Aunt Mags and all her loves, minus Hope, who does not cooperate for pictures. (I don't know why this came through blurry. Blame blogger and not my brothers phone.)

I am 36 weeks pregnant, give or take a few, and we are moving next door this weekend. Please pray for my dear husband that my nesting, organizing, and packing frenzy don't drive him to run as far as possible from my hugely pregnant self!! 

December 24, 2014

Tiny, Wonderful, Miraculous News

I feel like I need to start with a BIG Hello!, because it has been forever since I have been able to write!

Needless to say life has been full and very busy for us Bodians. But as I sit here on Christmas Eve (after I just did a sprint of last minute shopping at Walgreens, seriously who shops for gifts at Walgreens- muah!), I just had to pound out in 30 words or less my awe in God's compassion,  goodness, and generosity.

I don't know why I have spent so much time stressing about the perfect gift for each child and family member, when we have been given the most wonderful gift of all this Christmas.


My rather large belly is not just a result of constant eating in the last 4 months, but rather we have a new and precious babe cooking away in there! He or she is 17 (or 16 or 18- I have lost count!) weeks along. Though most days I feel I have the attack of swollen face and major growth of the behind gig going on, we couldn't be happier (and honestly scared out of our minds to how we will manage 5 little people between the 2 of us :). 

Merry Christmas friends and family!! May you truly feel the joy and awe of the Christ child today and tomorrow!

September 4, 2014

My Truth

Today Matt and I were texting back and forth and it reminded me of something so simple, yet so profound. 

Many times I believe a lie about myself, which causes me to live in that lie for an entire day or sometimes sadly an entire week. The lie could go something like this: You are a failure as a wife, you are not a good mother, you're fat, life is just too hard to please everyone, so why even try. As I write those lies out, I think Yuck! What lies! But when I am not rooted in God and His love, I believe them.  

How do we live in His truth? By claiming His truth. 

The truth is that I AM a good and loving wife and mother, God HAS made me beautiful and He, the creator of the universe, calls me His beloved. My life ISN'T about pleasing others, but ONLY about pleasing Him. 

The truth that runs day and night through my mind, spirit and heart cannot be rooted in my short comings and failures, but must be rooted in God's truth. 

And His truth is so very simple, yet SO amazing. I, Kristin Marie Loboda, am His daughter. I am loved. And out of His amazing love Jesus gave His life for me so that I could live in His glory. 

Today I am claiming and walking in God's truth, my truth. And I am praying that all who read this can do the same!

Walking in His Truth :). 

August 16, 2014

Feeding the hungry...

*Photo credit Angelina Arts*

As I woke up today to the cries of my babes yelling "I'm hungreeee!", I am profoundly made aware that as I make grilled cheese for breakfast (don't ask) that I am simply answering Jesus' call to:

  • Feed the hungry
  • To give drink to the thirsty
  • To clothe the naked
  • To harbour the harbourless
  • To ransom the captive

And then as I go about my minute by minute (or more realistically second by second!) work in the taking care of 4 littles that I CAN operate within the spiritual works of mercy: 

  • To instruct the ignorant 
  • To counsel the doubtful
  • To admonish sinners
  • To bear wrongs patiently - I need a lot of grace for this one!!
  • To forgive offense willingly
  • To comfort the afflicted 

What a beautiful and ever so challenging vocation that I have as mommy. Praying for all of you mommy's out there working within the trenches of His mercies and love!

"The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning... " Lamentations 3: 22