September 4, 2014

My Truth

Today Matt and I were texting back and forth and it reminded me of something so simple, yet so profound. 

Many times I believe a lie about myself, which causes me to live in that lie for an entire day or sometimes sadly an entire week. The lie could go something like this: You are a failure as a wife, you are not a good mother, you're fat, life is just too hard to please everyone, so why even try. As I write those lies out, I think Yuck! What lies! But when I am not rooted in God and His love, I believe them.  

How do we live in His truth? By claiming His truth. 

The truth is that I AM a good and loving wife and mother, God HAS made me beautiful and He, the creator of the universe, calls me His beloved. My life ISN'T about pleasing others, but ONLY about pleasing Him. 

The truth that runs day and night through my mind, spirit and heart cannot be rooted in my short comings and failures, but must be rooted in God's truth. 

And His truth is so very simple, yet SO amazing. I, Kristin Marie Loboda, am His daughter. I am loved. And out of His amazing love Jesus gave His life for me so that I could live in His glory. 

Today I am claiming and walking in God's truth, my truth. And I am praying that all who read this can do the same!

Walking in His Truth :). 


  1. Love this!! You are beautiful and wonderful person!

  2. Amen, dear friend! You already know that you're the best in my book and thanks for the reminder to focus on living in God's Truth!

  3. Maz- I share your blog with my sister, Leah, from time to time. She has two boys under two and your writing makes me think of her. Love you both so much :-)


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