August 30, 2015

Did I mention we had a baby?

hello, is anyone up? 

I should be in bed fast asleep because all my kids are sleeping but I just can't. ALL the kids are asleep and the world/my house is my oyster. For the first time in 12 hours I can just sit here and do... well whatever the heckkkk I want!! So no I am not sleeping, I am sipping a Heineken and listening to the baby swing rock back and forth back and forth back and forth as Joy finally sleeps! 

It's hard to believe that baby Joy has been with us for 3 1/2 months and I have yet to pin about it. But to sum up our little miracle, she is amazing and beautiful and we just LOVE her. Although she has spent most of her life crying and cryyyyying, she is adored by us all. Reflux or spit up-by-the-gallon should be her middle name, but we chose Mary because what better name than that of the Blessed Mother and reflux, come on, was never on the list. :)
We love it when she is like this but...

Most of the time she is like this... 
or this :(

And then I do this... 
and then I just latch her on because that is what she really wants and then she is like this, well, for a little bit :). {photos by Mags Maz} 

At the old age of 105 (days) Joy's favorite things in this world comprise of one very short list:

1. Numero uno: Joy loves to nurse, nurse, and nurse some more... and then spit up and spit up until her next nursing.
2. She loves me and only wants muah 99.999999% of the time. Although I must mention that our dear friends Ann and John came with their sweet family and spent the weekend with us and she took to them like the finest honey. Anne, John-- come back! Joy misses you, but I miss you even more! 

3. She loves her 4moms mamaRoo, so generously borrowed from Camp Patton. Grace, thank you your the best. I love reading your blog as do thousands, but I love having you as a friend only 10 minutes away even better!! (insert emoticon smile face with the kiss) 

4. Besides Mom, Isaiah comes in as 2nd in Joys repertoire of people. He is somehow her baby whisperer when I am attempting to cook dinner (via turning on the oven for chicken nuggets and cutting up cucumbers and red peppers as our side) and I am praising Jesus when she stops fussing in his arms!

So... Life with 5 has been a little cra-cray and made Mamma bear a little crayZzzz too (as Matt can very well attest too), but we are doing it and loving it all the same. I am bound and determined to pound out Joys birth story because I want to have at least one of our kiddos miracle and oh-so painful entrance into this world recorded... soon and very soon. maybe. hopefully.

And this post was SO meant to be (haha) because right as I am about to press the big publish button Joy is up and that means ready to nurse.


  1. I'm so glad you write because we miss your family and its so nice to catch up with you via cyberspace :) looking forward to reading a birth story next time the miracle of 5 kids asleep + extra energy to write happens. xoxo

  2. Oh gosh, Maz, you're a rock star! I can't believe how tough it's been over there and really don't know how you do it. I'm practically crying while reading this!
    Love you lots and lots.

  3. Such a little cutie. :) Looking forward to the birth story!


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