April 6, 2015

He is Risen!!

Just a month behind in pressing the publish button, not so bad for a once a decade blogger ;). 

Happy Easter!! We had the most marvelous, peaceful time at my mom and dads yesterday. I called mom at 430 on Saturday to see what I could make/pick up from the store for our Easter brunch and dinner, but she and Emily laughed at my attempt or lack of attempt to exercise my nonexistent culinarry skills. They said nothing was needed from me to just come and enjoy (I then breathed a sigh of reflief :). 

Did I ever mention that this year I have the honor of being the Middle School youth minister and Confirmation teacher at our Church?! Nope don't think I did, but it has been such a blessing to our growing family. Yes, in some ways made life more busy, but such a blessing. More on that sometime in the next 5 years--probably when I a blog again. 

My daily capturing of our life in pictures has slowed down terrmendously (mostly bc I am iPhone illiterate and never have enough storage on my phone!) but I was able to snap some shots on my brothers phone yesterday. Photo drummmm roll... 

Each expression is priceless. 

Aunt Mags and all her loves, minus Hope, who does not cooperate for pictures. (I don't know why this came through blurry. Blame blogger and not my brothers phone.)

I am 36 weeks pregnant, give or take a few, and we are moving next door this weekend. Please pray for my dear husband that my nesting, organizing, and packing frenzy don't drive him to run as far as possible from my hugely pregnant self!! 

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