February 27, 2014

Cast Free for this Mamma!

Always some sort of news over here to announce, so without further adieu: We are now official nanny-less. *Tears and more tears*. We will miss our Emily dearly, and I mean dearly, but so thankful that she is family and marrying my brother come August, so she is forever bound to us and our little crew (lucky her, haha!). 
As always God's timing is perfect for me to be on my own again, for one we done run out of money and two I just had my 6 week doctors appointment and I have been cleared to go cast-less for the rest of my days. 

A picture for the books of my gnarly titanium plate and screws.  It can't be healthy to have metal like this in your body, just saying.
This is my happy face in the doctors office upon hearing the good news. Just in case you are wondering, I waited until the doc left the room to take this selfie. 

The other night at dinner my dad told me that I should blog about a certain topic, so with all due respect to my big papa I think I shall. Ps, I didn't even know that my dad knew that I had a blog, so I was happily surprised that he thought I had some sort of "voice" that was worth listening to (or should I be honest and say a voice worth scanning through for pictures :). 
So, by my dad's demand I am here to inform all of you lovely readers that if you are in an accident and have to go to el hospital due to injuries don't and I repeat DON'T sign any papers without really knowing what you are signing. Some might say: duh, Kristin, you should never sign anything without knowing what it really says. But when you are in a bad car accident for the first time, multiplied by the most intense pain of your life, time-zzzed by desperately wanting to get a hold of any pain medicine, and polished off by blinding tears streaming down ones face listening to the hospital staff half explain (or really not explain at all) what each paper said seemed to be the only golden ticket to getting out of the hallway and into a hospital bed where a doctor could help me. 

Well in my vulnerable state, I now come to find out that I signed away my PIP without even being informed that I had a PIP or that I was signing it away to the hospital. 
What is a PIP, you ask? It is this handy little thing called personal insurance protection. This protection gives you a certain amount of money (money that you earned and give to the insurance company every single month) that is set aside to help you pay for your needs that may occur with an injury. For me those needs included HEEEELLLLPP with my 4 young kids, one who I might add is still nursing. I could not cook, clean, pick up my baby from her crib, change a diaper, push a stroller, drive a car -- heck I could barely shower without help. So we really, really needed that PIP money to pay our dear nanny who did everything for me and the kids until Matt got home from work. 
But, yep you guessed it, I signed that puppy away somehow without even being told that that was what I was doing. Not only did I sign it away, but the hospital then took it for themselves, even though we have insurance and my bills WILL indeed be paid. 
Anyways, what I am trying to say is don't sign your PIP away even in the midst of intense pain and no real knowledge of what the heck is even going on around you. Hire a lawyer straight off the bat, so that they can do your bidding.
Enough said. 
Dad, I hope I did you proud. 
And now that my blue cast is off hopefully I will be pounding these keys a little more regularly. 


  1. oh maz, i'm dying for you. soooo sorry! i just can't believe that. so frustrating.

  2. Good stuff ;) I'm always the one running into some stupid fineprint - so this is awesome to know. glad your better now!

  3. Ok...first...yay you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bye bye cast!
    And secondly... Go Dad! He s right. I had no idea what that is. And I too would have signed anything they put in front of me. Because that is what you do, right?
    So, hugs, my friend. : )

  4. How shady is that??! Seriously, I call for an annulment of the PIP signing away. And I have nasty screw like that too...do you have them in your knee too?

  5. Oh no Kristin =/ Wow, I didn't know you had been in a car accident but I am glad that you are doing well. Sorry to hear about your PIP and thanks for posting. I have you in my prayers!

  6. How is that wrist of yours feeling? Glad you are cast free, but I'm guessing not pain free. :-( Love the selfie and I was dying to know if you did that with the doc present or not? Sorry to hear about the PIP, that does really stink, especially because of the mental state that anyone who was in a car accident, would be in, when they arrive at the hospital! Thanks for the warning, good suggestion Papa Maz.

  7. I am SO glad you shared this! That's absolutely crazy! Good advice, sorry you had to learn the hard way. Glad to see you're all better :)

  8. That is crazy about the PIP- so glad you shared about it! And congrats on being cast-less!!

  9. I agree; don’t sign anything without really knowing what the documents contains. Hiring a lawyer is advisable to take care of your insurance claims. At least you’ll be assured that you will only get the proper compensation for claim. But I can’t blame you for signing it immediately. You’re in deep pain and can’t think of anything but your own life and how the pain will go away. This is a great lesson to learn from, and a good reminder for all. Thanks for sharing.


  10. A car accident can be traumatizing event for everyone involved. So when it comes to signing important documents, it’s better to refuse and wait for a family member to arrive. This way, you’ll have some explain everything to you before you sign, saving you from the inconveniences it may entail. Thanks for sharing!

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