February 11, 2014

Friends and Firsts

It just has to be noted on da blog that I have the best group of high school friends any girl could dream of. We have all stayed close for over 17 years, which yes makes me officially very very old now. 

Though our days of playing basketball, getting ready for high school football games, and laughing our way (or sleeping, *ahem Sahmy*) through government class are over, we now share life as moms, wives, and working. Most of my gals still live close to each other in Indianapolis and Bloomington, but I have been out of their neck of the woods since we graduated in 1997.  And although I am probably the worst human on the face of the planet when it comes to calling someone back or remembering a birthday, my gals just plain old don't care (or at least have gotten use to it). They know me and get me and still call me "Maz". They know of my Jesus loving, non hair washing, and sometimes ditzy ways and just accept me for who I am. I am blessed to call each of them life long friends.

During my recent woes with my broken wrist they all sent me cards and messages and then as a group sent this bunch of my favorite flower, which make me smile inside each time I pass them in our entry way. 
I take the best pictures of myself, don't I. They're not scary at all. 

It also must be noted that yesterday was a day of firsts over here in Bodaworld. And this picture describes it all.
First time time that I am wearing shinier shoes than Grace. First time in her whole 3 1/2 years of living that Grace has ever worn her brothers hand-me-downs and número uno that her princess feet have ever had a go in tennis shoes.

Gracie girl has also come up with a whole new set of rules for Sunday Mass preparation.
Lipstick, curling of her hair, and perfectly polished nails are now all a requirement for seeing Jesus at Mass. Honestly, it is so super cute to see her get excited for Church now that I happily oblige. 

Well, I am off with my shiny shoes for an early Valentine's date with my husband! Don't be jealous, the 14th will be spent managing loving all our little loves ages 7 and under. 

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. The flowers look great - and I love that your mom facebooked me that you still love sunflowers! I associate you with those all the time!
    And Grace, I mean is she a crack up or what??? An absolute riot!
    Have fun with the hubs tonight, and get your vino on!


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