February 4, 2014

Sean and Catherines Wedding

I know everyone was thinking Super Bowl this past Sunday night (rightly so), but instead of watching my thoughts where pounded out in this beaut of a post, which is now going up 2 days later. So per always, I am with right with the times. 

I must ask that if you don't watch "The Bachelor" please do NOT read any further, for you will find this quite silly and may even think less of me for watching such gems on TV. Comprendo? Good.

So with that said, did anyone watch Sean and Catherine's wedding?? Embarrassingly enough I had it penned in my calendar. Yes, your heard that right.

We don't have cable over here, so instead of watching it live I sat with my phone hitting the refresh button on Instagram for like 2 hours. Yea, I am pretty much normal and not obsessive compulsive at all. I knew it was taping at my parents house and that the next morning I would hobble over there to watch it, but I just had to get my eyes on anything related to the wedding right as it was happening, so Instagram with the #thebachelorswedding became my best friend.

Now why didn't I just go over that night to my parents, you may be asking yourselves or probably not because when I actually watched the bachelor wedding makes no difference to you at.all. But still I will tell you... I didn't just march over to parents tube, because my mum and dad had just, ever so generously I might add, watched our 3 bigger kids and their 2 cousins for a big sleepover. And then the next day we added Hopie to the mix while Matt and I had a romantic dinner alone. So, after an overload of kids and the evening ending with Hope pooping all over my parents new hardwood floor, I knew I would be pushing it if I came over bright eyed and bushy tailed the next night wanting to dominate their TV with (of all things) the Bachelor's wedding.

The Big Sleepover

So, I waited patiently while weirdly stocking Instagram and befriending all the previous bachelors and bachelorettes on Facebook trying get any wedding detail possible. My friend Sahmy even called me out when she messaged me:

If only she lived closer we could have watched the wedding together in our wedding dresses like I saw on the pages of all my "new friends" on Instagram pics! 

Because of my slight tendency to be obsessive compulsive, once I get reeled in I can become consumed with reality programs, thus I have not yet invested any time into Juan Pablo's season. (Should I?? Just say the word and I will invest :). But for Sean Lowe's season there was so much hype about him being such a great Christian guy that I just couldn't help myself from taking a peek into the first episode, which of course then got me-- hook, line and sinker.

Everything I have seen and read about Sean does in fact make him seem like a stellar guy who really does love Jesus and is not afraid to stand up for his faith, which of course I luuve.  

In my humble opinion I thought it was pretty amazing how open Sean and Catherine were about not living together before they got married and how they were waiting to have sex until their wedding night. I mean you almost NEVER hear about that in such a positive way from the secular media, so I was happily impressed.

The wedding was beautiful, though a tad bit annoying hearing the words "grown sexy" 80 gazillion times. But it did meet all of my expectations of beauty and love. Sean's dad was the pastor that married them and I just loved how he ended the wedding ceremony with: "Love God the most and you will love each other more." Well said, Papa Jay!

All of the wedding watching made me reminisce about my own wedding day 8 years ago. Catherine reminded me of how giddy I was and how ready I was to finally become united with Matt as my  husband. It was literally a dream come true marrying someone as holy, kind, selfless, and loving as Matt and I just couldn't believe that it was in God's plan that I was the gal for him. In our wedding video I seemed to bounce with joy throughout the entire Mass and then floated with peace through the reception.
All of these are pictures of a picture, hence the stellar quality.

So to Sean and Catherine, even though I don't know you, but at the same time feel like I do from watching your love story and then wedding on TV, may you truly shine for Jesus and be His light wherever you go!


  1. Kristin...I am a big bachelor/bachelorette fan! Of course I watched the wedding! It was so fun:) I'm glad to know there are others out there that appreciate the show:)!

  2. Eeeeeeeks!!!!!!
    Watched it!
    Loved it!
    Love that you watched it!!!!!!

  3. OMGosh!
    I am dying over here! So glad you wrote about this and soooo glad I recorded it too. Literally had tears in my eyes.
    I went on for ten minutes last night, telling Bill all about it when he got home from work. Because you're right, we really don't get to see things like that on TV EVER! I loved the groomsmen praying over Sean; that Catherine was baptized since meeting him; the whole not living together thing; and especially the ceremony - I mean what a witness! Soo awesome!
    Okay I'll stop going on and on.

  4. oh yea, and Juan Pablo's season is kind of disappointing. Recording that too.

  5. Haha, I didn't watch the wedding but I never tire of hearing about celeb weddings. :) Love the wedding picts!


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