March 3, 2014

A Sunday of Considering the Lilies

While driving to church yesterday morning to the tune of a made up song by the Gracie girl my sweet husband reminded me that today was indeed "my" gospel reading at mass. 

For as long as I can remember Jesus' words in Matthew chapter 6 have always immediately calmed my heart and freed me of worries big and small. During my sophomore year in high school my mom wrote this scripture on the back of my assignment notebook and told me to read it anytime I was anxious or worried, which I did throughout my days and years of school. And though I have read this Scripture over and over again, I still never tire of hearing Jesus' words telling us to not worry, to simple trust and to just consider the lilies.

Knowing that this reading, my reading, was at the heart of the Scriptures today gave me an extra glide in my step and peace in my spirit as I walked into church. And this peace, His peace, lasted all while managing our little minions in the pew throughout mass, which is a true sign that miracles do in fact happen. 

Matt may have a different side to this, but the kids all seemed to want me and only me for the entirety of mass and by God's grace I just went with it. There was no frustration, even in the midst of Hope taking out each and every one of the 100 missals that were somehow jammed into the two little clear holders nailed to the back of the pew in front of us. I was peaceful with no worries, just bein' happy. I held Hope, let Grace lay against me, rubbed Isaac's back when he needed my attention and held Isaiah's hand intermittently throughout. Even when Hope and I made our usual detour to the back of the Church and then to the great outdoors when the temptation to pull every pamphlet off the back table was just too much for her, I was still a jammin' with His peace. 

And at the final blessing, though mentally a bit (okay maybe a lot) tuckered out from the going of one child to the next and trying to make sure all were behaving in church styled appropriateness, I was - you guessed it- still peaceful.   

So, y'all I am praying that God's peace and His words of "Therefore I tell you do not worry about anything..." will guide me and you throughout the rest of this week! 

I'll never let go Grace. Promise. 
Isaac did NOT want to get in the picture with us. Really I don't blame him.
The kids most favorite person in the world.


  1. I love that bible chapter too! Something I need to read over and over and over and over again.


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