March 30, 2014

6th Birthday, Hot Potato, Awesome Godparents and Mo :)

You know it's bad when I resort to shooting shot glasses of apple cider vinegar. Yeah, I just can't seem to wipe this darn/damn sinus infection. My sights were brightened though today when my Grace said: "Mamma, you will get better by Christmas. I just know it." Thank you my dear Grace, the peace that brings me about the next 9 months is short of no peace, but really your words are sweet.

Anywho-- enough about me and my sinus cavities--- It so must be noted that last week we celebrated a big birthday.  Our Isaac turned 6 years old! 

As the mom, I always want my kids birthdays to be just perfect. I want them to feel super loved, special, and super duper happy on their birth of a day. Matt and I always start the celebration the night before with decorating our breakfast nook with everything that screams: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! For Isaac this year it was Pokemon that spoke to his little heart. And then bright and early on the 22nd Isaac and the rest of our crew started the day of birthday bliss with pancakes and wrapped gifts of Pokemon cards (duh!), red and black Heelys, legos, and little trinkets wrapped by hers-truly-Grace. 

Now to the par-tay... we opted for a simple birthday party with just family and (pheww) it was a big hit! Cousin Chase came up from south Tampa and then my family came for brunch, cake and a slew of games. We pulled out all the classics: hot potato (with a real HOT potatoe), water balloon toss, pin the tail on the donkey, and balloon volleyball. A couple of tears from the kiddos were shed (per usual) due to their competitive little hearts, which I blame completely on Matt's side of the family.... Haha, Just kidding, of course! You know that us Maz's would rather die a slow death than loose at balloon volleyball. But in the end we managade to finagle it to where each kid won at least one game -- Matt and I have become the masters of trying to minimize tears in every situation.
Jaja playing pin the tail on the donkey :). 

Birthday boy pinning it, while sporting his new Heely's. 

The h2o balloon toss *ahem* that my parents dominated in. 
HOT potato. Happiness abounds in this picture... and then the music stopped and someone got out...

Isaac's Pokemon cake that was lovingly made and crafted by Aunt Katrin with the kids at her house the day before while I was home painting my nails (or mopping the floors, same diff), because she spoils me!

After all that Matt took the boys out for a game of bowling and laser tag, via Aunt Emily's and Uncle Michael's awesome Groupon bday gift.

Oh and I must mention that the day pre-birthday, Isaac's Godparents took him out to lunch for some gluten free pizza, which was the creme de la creme for our little 6 year old. And after his cheesy goodness with 2 of his favorite people, Uncle Nate and Aunt Katrin (and cousin Ziggy), he got to pick out his own bday gift -- Pokemon cards, of course!
And the best Godparents of the month award goes to... these 2!

Uncle Nate is awesome for many, many reasons, but one thing that I love most about my brother is that he is always willing to put together toys/furniture/anything that Matt and I don't want to or don't have the patience to figure out, hence Isaac's 360-- the finale gift given by my parents. 
And of course a picture of our little party gal must be included in this birthday post.

Isaac, we love you to the moon and back and pray that you have the best year ever! 


  1. Oh I about died reading though this - so sweet, clever, and funny!
    It looks like it was a great day. I love how much you celebrate birthdays for those cute kiddos of yours - I'm sure it will always be special to them.
    I am lovin all the pics in this post, too, Maz!
    Just so great!
    Love ya!

  2. Hey, I like your party!Congratulations!


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