March 5, 2014

Ash Wednesday Mass and My Sweet Isaac

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday with our big boys (1st and kindergartener) at their all school Mass. I absolutely love going to Mass at their Salestian school where the music and Mass parts are done with much joy and enthusiasm by all of the students. I also love that the boys are allowed and encouraged to sit with us and that my children behave miraculously well when surrounded by their peers (or probably more accurate surrounded by their teachers, whatever works, right?). 

Way back in August Matt and I and the girls made our first appearance at the opening school mass. Upon walking through the doors Isaiah quickly spotted us and with his teachers permission bounded down from the bleachers smiling and waving. Before finding our seats though, I looked and looked for our Isaac. Finally I spotted him with his class where he was sitting contently with all of the other little kindergarteners. I waved to him and motioned for him to come and sit with us, but he barely looked my way. His teacher saw me and went to get him, but she came back and whispered to me: "He didn't want to come." So I quickly blew him a kiss and sat down with my other 3. But, while sitting there my heart was somewhat crushed that he didn't want to sit with us, sit with me! I had to refrain myself from running up the bleachers and giving him a big bear hug. 

My Isaac is a melancholic and shy at his core. I logically knew that it wasn't me or us that he didn't want to sit with, but that it was just WAY out of his comfort zone to be singled out and walk the big walk all in front of his classmates. I knew this in my head, but still my heart ached because I wanted to be close to him! When mass was over I waved to Isaac, trying  my darndest to say through my eyes and smile that I saw him and loved him. 

Well, every mass since then our Isaac has responded in the same way. While Isaiah is running towards the girls and I when we walk through the doors, Isaac smiles but doesn't budge from his seat... well, that is until today... today he sat with us! It may have taken him 8 months to warm up to the idea of walking in front of his class to sit with his mom, dad and siblings, but he did it and all in his own timing. I just love that kid! And my heart was soaring all through Mass to have him so close. 

I pray that you all had a blessed Ash Wednesday and can't wait to hear what you are doing for lent! 

Mass with the Loboda's, nose picking and all. 

Our sweet Isaac. 

Ps. More to come on what our little family is doing for lent and the ways in which I plan on becoming closer to Jesus during this time. I know... the suspense is killing you (smiley face, smiley face). 


  1. Sweet sweet stuff!
    Something about All School beautiful!

  2. Your Isaac and my Eamon sound very much alike. And sweet is definitely the word I use to describe him too. Maybe one day they shall meet!

  3. Awe, this was so sweet! He is so cute! You are such a good mom for recognizing what he likes and needs. I hope I am able to do that so graciously when the time comes!

  4. This is so sweet. And, I can so relate to Isaac's feeling of not wanting to get in front of a big group!


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