March 9, 2014

What I Wore Sunday

I was actually inspired by a friend of mine from Naples (who has since moved, so I keep in touch with her life via blogging) who wrote an honest post today about why she posts her outfits on the internet every Sunday. I just love it when bloggers put it all out there for their readers. So, really you should read this, it's great! 

And in lieu of her post I decided to link up with the gals from Fine Linen and Purple and What I Wore Sunday. 

Us Loboda's had a great Sunday. 

I wish I could just stop at the sentence above, but once the final hours of daylight were ticking away and dinner was on the table, each and every child of ours seemed to have a meltdown one. right. after. the. other. Ugggh, exhausting at best, but yada yada life goes on. 

Before the cry fest 2014 hit though, Matt and I each were able to spend one on one time with the boys. Isaiah and I marched off this morning to his first school birthday party where I must admit that watching 7 year olds bowl is far from my definition of fun. Can you say just a tad (or a lot) bit borrringgg. But it was nice to be there with just him and watch the interaction that goes on with his friends from school. And once we got back Matt then escaped with Isaac for some g-free pizza and swimming. 

Because of our adventures during the day, Matt and I split up Mass times and I can't tell you how nice it was to go to Church with just 2 kiddos instead of 4. It's the little things, like not having a active 17 month year old in your lap and then at your feet and then in your lap and then repeat 100 more times, that made Church such a more pleasant experience. Just saying....

Happy Sunday, y'alll!   


  1. Sunday meltdowns are my kids' speciality:)
    Love the outfit! Navy and red is my favorite combination.

  2. You look great, Kristin- I love your outfit! And nothing like meltdowns at the end of the day to make bedtime that much more sweet. :)

  3. Thanks for linking to me! And, I love your outfit...the navy and red looks great together....and I love your belt!

    Sorry about the Sunday meltdowns..uggh.

  4. Your outfit is so pretty and stylish!

  5. Love that high-low skirt! Totally makes me want to try one myself :) You look great!

  6. Hey! I'm loving reading your posts so that I don't feel so far away from Tampa! Love you all! Xoxo


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