July 29, 2013

All for Jesus

What  a weekend! First of all, Matt and I made history by not spatting even once during our hot and cramped travels to NYC! But even more importantly, Brother Pierre Toussaint (who I talked about here) gave his whole life over to the service of God by professing final vows of poverty, chastity, obedience with the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFR's).

Even though I was up, down and all around the back of the church because our sweet baby Hope refused to take a nap during the 3 hour mass, I was still truly moved by the presence and gentle power of the Holy Spirit.
Through my smile I am saying: "Please go to sleep, pleeeease go to sleep."
This was our campsite in the back of the Church.

One of the most powerful parts for me during the mass was when the brothers laid prostrate in adoration before God while a beautiful song calling on the intercession of the saints was sung. If you have never seen this before it may seem a little weird in the picture below, but there really is something so raw and just plain awesome when witnessing someone lay there giving everything so humbly to Christ.
There were 5 CFR Brothers who made final vows. A good friend from College, Mikey Lefever now known as Brother Angelo, was in that group of Friars. I could kick myself for not getting a pic with him, but none the less I felt blessed to be able to see him make vows. 

7 years ago at our wedding (when I was young and tan), I remember peeking out from the back of the church to take a look at the 400+ friends gathered to celebrate with us.  In the midst of all those people it was Brother PT (who was then known as Alain) who caught my attention. He was kneeling in the back of the Church praying and in that moment his pure heart and love for God really touched me. And today again, as he was surrendering his whole life to God and to the service of others my heart swelled with joy and pride at the person he is and that I can call him friend. 
Matt snapped this pic of Hope right after the Brothers profession or vows. She was ha-ha-happy. 

Witnessing the brothers vows reminded me of Matt and my vows to each other. Even though we may be living out a totally different vocation, really they are one in the same. We vowed to love and cherish each other and to welcome children lovingly into this world. This was our final vows to each other and to God until death do us part, or as Matt says until we kill each other (haha!). So please pray for us as we try to live our vows out as radically as the inspiring CFR brothers from this weekend!

***Now to inundate you with some of my favorite pictures from this weekend. Here.We.Go.

This weekend we were able to see one of our best friends Dominique (Brother PT's sister) and her daughter (my God daughter) Therese. Therese pretty much stole the show with her cuteness, I mean look at that face!
Therese and Hope made first steps in becoming best friends. 

We were also able to see some of our other best friends Ann and John and their cute little boy Maxson. Talk about exactly what the doctor ordered. Before the final vows we met up for some spicy guacamole and drinks. Within seconds of seeing each other the 6 months that we had been apart seemed to vanish, leaving us right back to where we left off. I guess that is what makes "good friends" good friends. 
This pic was taken after 3 intense hours of baby duty during Mass. Ann's little boy Maxson is 19 months, so you can only imagine how much fun that was for her and John!

Isn't he glowing?

Believe me when I say, there is nothing better than when the friars start playing music. 


  1. Wow, looks like an awesome trip/experience! And you look so great, Kristin!

  2. Yes, that does look like an awesome experience! I remember when my sister made her final vows...it was a beautiful Mass!

    That's awesome you guys got to see Ann again! How's she doing? I miss those Philothea meetings in Naples!

  3. Such a beautiful recap of the day!!! It was so great seeing you, Matt, and baby Hope again!

  4. Just now saw this! What a special ceremony that was! And an awesome lunch beforehand! Blessings all around! :)


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