July 31, 2013

Our first born

Last week we celebrated Isaiah's 7th birthday.
I don't know which is harder for me to believe that he is 7 or that I am 35!
I keep saying to myself: "Say what? 7 years, really? Where have the years gone?" Then in the next hour reality hits and the walls are closing in on me and I start thinking: "Yea, I definitely have been doing this for 7 years and here is a handful of hair that I just pulled out to prove it."

All hair pulling out aside, really what would I do without my sweet Zah. My first babe. He literally had me at waaaaah and then wrapped me around his little finger when he latched on within seconds. I then couldn't take my eyes off him for lets just say his entire first year of life. He was the cutest baby I had ever seen and even better than that-- he was all mine.

In life I have found that there is nothing like your first of anything. I mean I still remember the first Burger King whopper that ever touched my lips. Seriously, that whopper with cheese and extra mayo was the best thing I had ever eaten! So good that a mere 24 years later I can still conjer up my satisfied tastes buds.

Better than a deluxe cheeseburger though, there is absolutely nothing like your first born baby. Yes, I struggled from major post partum depression and yes my labor was a labor from hell, but still in the midst of that baby Isaiah was the best thing that had ever happened to me. And within minutes of him being placed on my chest I thought: I can't wait to do this again.

Isaiah is the sweetest, most sensitive little boy and our life is way better with him in it.

Now for the photo montage that I just know you are dying to see *wink, wink*.
My two morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed guys smiling for a bday pic. 

Isaiah requested to play a football game at his party. All of the guys were happy to oblige. 
Could life get any better when my mom offers to host my kids birthday party? Oh yes it can, when she makes the cake, grills the hamburgers, and bakes the french fries for the party too!
Emily and Mags took the kids to Lego Land, which was a gift from my mom and dad. They met up with their favorite friends. 
The 4 amigos.


  1. Happy Birthday Isaiah!!

  2. So sweet. I really can't believe he's 7! He's getting so old!
    And you, i think you must have turned 29 again. At least you definitely don't look older than that!
    I still remember your labor story like it was yesterday!
    Sorry I didn't send you a bday card - I'll get on that!


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