August 4, 2013

What I Wore Sunday

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Happy, happy Lord's day!

- Last night we welcomed in the Lord's day with our great friends Laura and Travis, who so kindly hosted us and all our babes. Laura is a dear friend from College and she and Travis have 3 adorable littles, one being my sweet Godson whom I just love to pieces. 

Laura with the Lord's day candle and prayers.

- So last night was awesome, but this morning not quite as dreamy... Before the clock even struck 9am I had already lost my cool with one particular blonde haired 5 year old boy two and a half different times. Matt like always took it in stride, while filling in the gaps during my rants on sitting still while I put sunscreen on and eating the breakfast that I slaved over. Later though, when things had settled down, my Matthew encouraged me to make a commitment to take specific time to pray every day this week, because as he said: "Well, it could only help you."  Being the incredibly nice man that he is, he said this comment oh so kindly and lovingly to me. But if I were him I would have probably said something like this: "Girl, you really need to pull your sh** together, so please start praying for some serious grace from our good Lord." 

Well, then again at Mass tonight our priest challenged the whole congregation to set aside daily time to pray. Thus, I am taking this as God gently tugging at me to come to him at the start of my morning each day this week. 
Pray for me, as I will for you!

- The boys have been kayaking all day with my Dad, Uncle Nate, and Aunt Mags, so it has just been the girls and us. I wish I could say we spent the whole day at the pool and on our bikes, but instead we were camped out at carmax looking for my new, hot, mom mobile. 
The girls were good for about the first 2 hours, but lo and behold when they hit melt down the ENTIRE car lot knew about it, which seemed make Mr. chatterbox (our salesman) feel the need to draw out the process even longer. We barely made it out of there before I resorted to putting plugs in my ears. Next week when we go back to check out the Toyota Sienna that is being transferred from Clearwater, I will be bringing lots of snacks and crossing my fingers that it will be chatty pants day off. (See, there again my need for prayer at its best!) 

Hope y'all have a great week!


  1. I love that striped skirt...and yep..I think praying more can only help all of us. I'll pray you are able to keep your patience, and you can pray that I'm able to keep mine. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is! If I spent half the time I waste perusing my FB news feed praying instead, I would be a lot better off!

  3. LOVE the black and white skirt (or is it part of a dress?) Either way, cute!

  4. Oh goodness. Luckily Bill Bil isn't in the sales' department!
    Hope the car is a hit! And sorry about being stuck there all day!
    Love the outfit and that Hopie girl!

  5. Love that maxi! And good luck with the car - I was definitely glad that we had family to watch the kids last time we went car shopping!

  6. Yes! Love that you guys did Lord's day prayers. Such a cute outfit, too!


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