August 27, 2013

what they said...

Before school one morning...
Isaiah: "Hey Mom, can you put some Jello in my hair?"
I think you mean gel, dear. 

While randomly surfing my phone looking for some good scoop...
Matt: "I have to say looking at your text messages are just so boring. They all say the same thing-- 'I'm so sorry I haven't called you back in 3 weeks.'"
Yes, I am boring... And yes, calling people back is not my strong point to say the least. Both of which I am so glad he discovered after we were married!

Grace: "Mamma, Zah and Doggie (Isaac) are trying to climb on the ruuf (roof)."
Me: *eye squint* "Huh? What?"
Me: *eye squint*
Then I ran out the door to see what the heck was going on. Seriously, how I ever get dinner made is amazing. So yes, I am A-MAZ-ING for making dinner every night (or every other or 3 times a week, same diff).

Matt, being totally serious: "My Facebook page is blowing up. In the past hour I have 6 new friends!"
Totally blowin' up, Babe.

After telling Grace that I had a belly ache...
Grace: Moms, my lipstick will make it all better.
*sigh* If only life were that simple.

While trying to find my way around Tampa, Isaiah says to me:
"Mom, don't you know I am like am like a GPS. Just ask me and I will tell you how to get there."
Sadly, at only 7 years old, he does seem to know his way around better than I do.

Grace every night before bed...
"I want to wear my diaper and belly button to bed."
As you wish, my little one.

As Matt was trying to dress Hope in her pj's for bed...
Matt: "How is it that I have been totally defeated by a 10 month old."
Yea, I have to admit it was great entertainment to sit back and watch Hope destroy her dad in the battle of getting her pajamas on!
Somehow Matt and the boys managed to put these puppies on her though.

Grace: "Momma, I love you as much as I love your makeup."
In her little world this is actually like the greatest compliment that she could give me. So thank you my Gracie girl and I love you more than your makeup! 

Matt: "Babe, don't take this the wrong way... because I am not saying that I don't like your glasses, but don't you think you are due for a new a new stylish pair... Just saying."
Yea, maybe he is right. I have had these bad boys since 1997. 
What do you think?? Help this 'no sense of real fashion' momma out!


  1. Hahaha! Wish I could have been there to watch Matt dress Hope! Love the shoes though :)

    P.S. Did the boys really try to climb on the roof??

    1. Almost, I will have to show you the roof. It is so close to the tree that they climb :).

  2. Ha, Cecilia always wants to wear "Just my bewwybutton" too! Naptime occurs in her underwear and bellybutton every day :P

    1. I will love knowing that I am not alone in this language now!

  3. Most people read PEOPLE MAGAZINE or something for the latest dish... I prefer reading your blog. #winning

    1. This is like the best comment I have ever gotten!!! Thanks :)!

  4. lol!!! Thats halir!!! You guys crack me up!!! I can in-vision all of those comments/ situations taking place!!! Love it! Theresa

    1. :) Thanks, T! Come visit again and you can hear it all first hand :).

  5. This made my day, actually week. I think I remember those glasses from high school. jk. I need new glasses badly too! but the difference is that you can pull ANYTHING off. true story! and i don't know how your kiddos keep getting cuter! i have to forward this on to Bill!


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