September 3, 2013

Our little puppy... and moving on

Do you ever have one of those days where all you want to do is floss your teeth but you can never quite get to it.... No? Well, humor me because that was totally me today. Our Hopie girl who is teething (when are babies not teething??) puts every.single.particle big or small in her mouth and it literally scares me to death. She is like this little puppy dog, nose and mouth to the ground, finding all that she shouldn't or that I swore I swept up an hour earlier and putting it as fast as you can say: "Really Miley bird!"in her little pie hole. My brother, Father Zyg, was in town this last week and I had him pray over her for sheer protection from small objects that some how (even with my needle eye going through ever-y-thing time and time again) find there way onto our floors and into Hope's mouth. Asking for your prayers too. Thanks a million, I owe you big time! 
Don't let her sweet innocent face fool you.
On an entirely different note, life is settling in for us Boda clan here on Davis Island. I think I am finally waking up from my dream of this being a really, really nice vacation to -- this is actually our home and where we live. A friend asked me the other night if I mind having no friends, you know since I am new to the area and have yet to totally spread my wings and fly. (Granted my friend asking is one of my best friends and lives 15 minutes away, but I knew what she meant, haha!) The question brought a lot to the surface because I do miss all of my beautiful friends that I was/am so, SO close to who live in Naples. And I know that yes we will remain friends, but the daily life we had together will never be the same. When I let myself really go there to "it never being the same" I get super teary eyed and have to pull myself up from dwelling on what I am missing to instead what I have been given here Tampa. But darn, it can be hard to let go... let go of play dates at the park and beach, countless dinners out and in our home, parties with multiple families that had kids all around the same ages as ours and where we could just kick back and let loose, our church, my women's prayer group and girls nights out, etc, etc. But, at the same time, I trust in God and know that He has me and our family exactly where He wants us and where we need to be. 
So to my Naples peeps, know that you are never far from my heart and I can't wait to visit your paradise and land where there are no mesquitoes super soon. And please come visit us!! Just bring lots of mesquito repelent, because these little bastards up here are out for blood and I am mean every drop they can get.  
Davis Island living. 


  1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting...

    I am so glad to meet you and have enjoyed reading through your blog.

    I will be visiting often! : )

    1. Isn't Kristin great! one of my best friends and favorite blogs! and Maz, you'll Billie Jo's blog!

  2. Elsa used to do the same thing...we said she was like a dog....going around, eating everything off the floor. LOL It's actually gotten better since she started walking full-time. She still puts stuff in her mouth, but not nearly as much, I guess because she's not crawling around on the floor anymore.

    And, I miss Naples too....the community down there is just aweomse.

  3. These new seasons of life, I am trying to learn!, are the classroom of trust! What a blessing to have your family there as you step out into the unknown and start to grow to some new roots! Definitely share in so many of these feelings you expressed, miss you all!! :)

  4. Okay, I want to move down there and use the jeep and kayak! ummm hope is the cutest thing but what a handful!
    i'll say some prayers about the move - i'm sure it's all bittersweet still! love you


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