September 15, 2013

Back on the Wagon

Man oh man, has it been hard to find a sliver of time in my days full of kiddos and stuff to put my simulating thoughts (ha!) down on dis here blog. But here I am, because well I just can't quit this... I like it too much (smiley face insert).
My Matt has been slacking on his Sanctifying Sunday editions too, but he just made me the above Gfree pizza, so forgiveness is all his. 
Speaking of my man, it is always the best thang ever when Matt and I are able to take a night out by ourselves. I mean seriously is there anything better than being able to sit, eat, and talk without being interrupted every.single .5 seconds. (We did have Hope with us, but besides the new squawking sound she has recently been gracing us with, she is easy peasy.) 
Our much needed date night was made possible, because my brother Nate watched our hoodlums plus his two for a sleep over movie night. Heck ya for them and hell ya for us! 

To start our night out Matt says: "Hey, take a picture of me sporting the pink diaper bag and then you can blog for 'What I Wore Sunday'." He did look pretty cute, so of course I snapped the moment. 

Livin' on our new Island we are bound and determine to discover every cool spot that there is, which honestly could take a lifetime. Last night we found this mural outside our favorite Island Sushi spot. So per usual we made our mark with a photo (or 20!). 
I have just recently discovered Instagram (yes, I am a little slow in the uptaking) and I have become a tiny bit obsessed. Instagram just makes everything look SO amazing! So purdy please let me know if you have an account, because I want to follow you!

And because it is still Sunday (11:09pm to be exact), Happy Sunday y'all! I can't say I heard too much of the Gospel today at Mass due to a nursing babe and 3 other kiddos trying to touch or hold onto some part of me. But I can say that in the midst of being used as my 3 year olds kleenex day in and day out, I love being God's child and I am so thankful for the gift of life and love! 


  1. That last picture is precious! And a hubby who carries a diaper bag AND wants a picture for your blog is a keeper!

    So glad you had a nice night out...

    Have a great day! : )

  2. So glad you had a nice night out. And, I'm jealous that Hope is easy peasy for you. Elsa is a nightmare in restaurants. She's reached the stage where she hates to be contained in anything (especially high chairs), eats for 2.5 seconds and then throws food off the high chair and screeches to get down and run around..and run around she does. Oh vey.

    1. Hope loves to eat, so of I time it right she will sit in her high chair the whole time. She hasn't started walking yet, so when that happens we may be in a totally different ball field :)!

  3. You guys are so cute!

    Instagram: cs22579 though I'm not that great at updating it!

  4. So happy you got to have a night out! You look beautiful. And the gram! Love it. I've already been gawking over your photos from @Olivia__spears ;) have a great week!

  5. Hi Friend

    I have Instagram. Find me I want to follow you.

    Miss you!



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