January 27, 2013

Sanctifying Sundays - Anniversaries

Well, back by popular demand, that is my wife's request. I am writing again...
I love anniversaries! I really do for several reasons. Let me explain.

Celebrating our Anniversary in 2011

This Tuesday is the anniversary of when Kristin and I began dating.  I realize at this point that if there are any male readers that right now they are going to continue reading in disdain.  That is, if they continue to read at all!  I realize that a man of my stature should not publicly admit to such things, and that if a proverbial, huge beer can could fall from the sky and crush me, it would.
Celebrating with baby Grace in 2010
As I get older, I understand more the importance of anniversaries because they force us to stop and remember and recall.  Think of it.  The tide of life is fast and takes whatever is in its path. 

Forgetting is a terrible thing.  When people forget who they are and what they are about, they get lost.  Losing your identity, leads to losing your integrity.  This is usually when my wife reminds me to bring it down and tell some stories to bring it home.

So, 8 years ago Kristin & I confessed our love for one another, amid various circumstances on a beach at Wiggin's Pass in Naples, Florida.  I can remember it as if it was yesterday, the red shirt she was wearing, the perfume she wore and her long, blonde hair slightly curled underneath.  Don't get sick, but, we actually have sand from that spot.  Sappy Sapp Sapp!
The Luv sand sits on our bookshelf

For the record and inscribed and saved for all of eternity in the blog-o-shpere, it was her confession of undying love that led to 4 kids in 7 years of blissful marriage.  Our relationship has been more of a microwave than a crock pot.  We weren't even dating and began dating with a confession of love!  Slow down LUV BIRDS!
So, that's why its great to have anniversaries.  It reminds me of why we are in this terrible, joyful mess. 

Christmas pic 2010

It was our intense love that led to us going to Trader Joes as a family and the spectacle of everyone's attention.  Three kids pushing miniature carts, a dad refereeing between who got to pick and put what in whom's cart, and mom with baby Hope in her Bjorn.  (Is that the right prepositional phrase?)
The end of our night at Trader Joes

It was our intense love that led us to going to Isaiah's first basketball game yesterday!

I'm also reminded that this day of celebration of our love in seminal form is also the celebration of my godmother's life, my Aunt JJ.  I'm afraid to think of how long ago she passed.  Maybe 11 years ago?  It would be easy to forget about her or the pain that it caused my family to lose such a special person, so quickly and so young.  But, I'm more afraid of forgetting her than the pain that it brings to remember her.  I guess the "remembering" is good, even when it hurts. 

J.J. had an unique gift to make everyone feel singularly important even when in a large crowd.  Her hugs were great, and you knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were special.  She made things easy and fun and had a great smile.  She's missed- terribly. 

Aunt JJ

Lastly, if you're so inclined, todays readings for Mass are all about remembering, forgetting, identity, and integrity. I won't go into it, but its true. If we forget who we are, what we are about, we can get lost and lose our identity, and ultimately our integrity. I'm thankful for reminders. I'm thankful to remember the gift God has given me in Kristin and my JJ. I'm thankful for anniversaries.

Isaac's 3rd Bday party
Yes, the kids went swimming today :). 


  1. Nice Matt, I also celibrate our first date anniversary. Nice to be able to remember why were got together, have stayed together and hopefully will remain together! Love your post!

  2. Sorry didn't sign it. Love you guys Paul Sapp

    1. thanks, Paul! I don't know how I missed your comment. I will let matt know, he will love it that you left one!!

  3. so sweet matt! Kristin found a keeper!- Theresa McCallen

  4. Hi Matt Great reflection. Yes JJ was a very spoecial lady,sister friend & you are correct it would be sad to forget such a great gift God gave to us . As to you & Kristin & your family volumes can be written in how God has seen & Blessed both of you on this amazing journey you have been traveling on . Praise God ! by the way it's funny you mentioned JJ she left us on Jan.29 11 years ago & wow what she has missed ,although I know she is smiling from heaven down on all of us . Love dad

    1. Thanks, dad! I am so impressed that you were able to figure out how to leave a comment. that's awesome!! We can't wait til the end of this month. :)

  5. Hi Kristen and Matt, I am so glad to have discovered your gem of a blog through Sarah. Congrats on Baby #4, when I met you at their wedding, I think your third was just a little baby. Your kids are so cute and I love your love story!

    1. I meant to put the comment below right here :).

  6. Hi Colleen! I actually was reintroduced to your blog when you were a guest post for Grace. Wow, you do a great job and I loved that post. I was just figuring out how to comment and follow at the time (not that its hard for the average person!), so I didn't quite say hi--just in my mind, if that makes sense :). Thanks for saying hi here. I am so excited that sahmy has started a blog too!! God bless!!


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