January 21, 2013

Not Pregnant....

Things I am reminded of when I am not preggo:

I can be fun, even funny at times.
I like/love food.
Drinking is fun.
I can stay up past 730pm.
Trader Joes is a happy place for me, instead of making me dry heave the entire time I am shopping.
I can make it through an entire movie.
I do like to leave the house.
Nausea is not my constant companion; rather, matt and my kiddos are :).
I am not just a big blob of body mass.
I can answer my phone.
I can call people back.
Post Pardom Bod is blahhhh.
I love my kids.
I love my husband :).
I love having babies.
I want more babies
Life is beautiful.

Wobble. Wobble. Gave birth that night to baby Isaac. What am I wearing??


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  2. This just cracks me up! I accidently started to write under Bill's email, that's why it says William up there. ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Haha! Funny, how there is nothing better than being pregnant, yet at the same time nothing worse. I know you totally get it :).


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