January 9, 2013

Tree Hugger

Every mother knows that there is nothing worse than a having sick child. When one of my kiddos is ill, my life and emotions seem to be turned inside out. I have heard so many moms say: "Make me sick any day over my children." Nothing could be closer to the truth for me.
Isaac 18months, sick with fever. 

Now for my little family, sickness usually means the flu, fevers, croupy cough, UTI's (Grace, has had her fair share of these),  the regular yet, icky things kids get from time to time.

In my much younger days, I had been called a "tree hugger" by some. But I think that was mostly because of my more hippy fashion style (don't really know if I have ever had fashion or style, but you know what I mean), or more probably because I tended to take a shower once a week. But whatever the case, I do love and prefer to take a holistic approach to our way of life here at Team Boda. We see a chiropractor weekly, yes all of us.

Hope being adjusted by our chiropractor just hours after she was born. 
Mamma bear right by . 

We eat organic 80% of the time. We eat grassfed organic meats 85% of the time. I steer clear of alluminum nonstick pans at all cost, even though that means we are constantly scrubbing and rescrubbing our stainless pots all day long. I use essential oils. I hate plastic cups, plastic plates, plastic forks; and yes, if I can help it I make my kiddos drink out of real, live glass and eat off of real, live plates.
Healthy kiddos drinking their power green drink. 

But, alas we still get sick at times, more times than I would like. The question for me is tylenol or no tylenol. The holistic approach is to let your body do the work, which often means allowing the temp to rise, leaving my kids burning up fever. And this scares me to death. So, by 100 degrees I give my kiddos the tylenol.
During my babies teething/grumpy/irritable stage (I have a bit yet til I get there with Hope), I always question again---Tylenol or no Tylenol?  And about 99.9% of the time I give them tylenol, because come on, having a tooth ache is like the worst thing ever, so multiple teeth making their debut through delicate gums, ouch!! And then there are the cases of when my Dr. says that one of my kiddos or I need an antibiotic. In the holistic world antibiotics are (most times) completely forbidden. But when it is a week before Christmas and I feel a sinus infection about to explode, yes, I immediately run/sprint for an antibiotic.
Holding baby Isaac and plagued with a sinus infection

Today, Grace was sick. Fever sick, sick eyes, somewhat lethargic. I waited to give her tylenol until 1130am, granted she woke up at 10am.

sicky girl
Feeling a little better after tylenol and bath. Yes, we cross-contaminate over here. 

I just hate to see her sick, literally it makes me sick. So, tylenol or no tylenol. I usually choose tylenol... tree hugger or not.

Ps. We are completely out of TP in this house. Looks like Matt will be making a run to the store shortly.
Pps. TP = Toilet Paper


  1. You seriously bust my gut! ( Especially the part about the shower once a week and no TP) Dude can you send me some of that green stuff, it looked good!---- Love reading this, it gives me insight of what your life is like now- and I miss you.- Theresa

  2. Thanks, T!!! I now am writing this just for you :) :). Green drink is being sent in the mail. I added a little candy to it in order to meet your taste!

  3. Gaaah I felt the same way after Zuzu's two month shots (I know I know I vax I'm crazy) - she had a mild temperature and I couldn't stand it. I knew she was okay, but I couldn't stand her running a temp and being uncomfortable. We gave in and gave tylenol - gave ourselves "adult beverages" as you would say. :)

  4. Martha- I know always decisions, decisions to make, some harder than other. Thank God for adult beverages to ease the pain sometimes :). Lol! YOu are such a great momma bear!

  5. I want some green drink! Are you using the doTerra essential oils? I love you, Maz-Dog and I'm proud to say that I knew and lived with you (in a van, no less) during your shower-once-a-week hippy phase! And you know what, your hair always looked good. Every single day!

  6. Smole-Dog, thanks for leaving a comment :) :). I'll have to share how we make our green drinks, they are actually really good--even if they don't look like it! Ahhh, the van days, seems like a lifetime ago. I miss you. really miss you so much. I will do the motorcycle today with the kids in honor of you. Come visit!! We could sit all day by the beach while the kids play :).


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