January 31, 2013

What they said...

Matt: "Most people think you can't dance. Well, I think you dance cute."
Me: "Is that suppose to be a compliment?"
Matt: "Best I could do."

Matt: "Are you still wearing your maternity sweatpants.
Me: "Why, yes. Grrrrrr."

Me talking to Isaiah after he walked in from school.
Me: "Zah, your shorts are on inside out."
Isaiah: "Wow. I didn't notice all day."
Me: Laugh and eye roll.
10 minutes later I noticed that I had my sweater on inside out all day!

Me: "Grace, what kind of smile is that?"
Grace: "I do Barbie smile."
Graces Barbie smile.
Isaiah: "I think you already know this, but you really are my best mom."

Grace, as she is walking out the door with her fake phone: "Bye Momma, I call you in a minute."

Matt, after watching me dance in the car to This Girl is On Fire: "I now know why Sahmy was your friend. Mr. Sahm sat her down and asked her to be really nice to you."


  1. I'm dying laughing. All of these are hilarious!!! And I fell off my seat from the last one! And will pass it on to mom and dad!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Steph!! When I was making fun of Isaiah in my head about wearing his shorts inside out and then discovered the same thing on my self. I was lol with no one around to enjoy with :).


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