January 8, 2013

Christmas Cards

I la, la, love Christmas cards. I am so excited the whole month of December to see what and who appears in our mailbox. And I am always sad to take them down. If it was kosher, I would keep them up all year round.

This year an amazing friend and photographer from Indianapolis (www.kimberlyannephoto.com) came and took our family pictures. Hope was just around 2 months old (so much younger than her now 3 months age), so I thought brilliant--we can do family photo, infant pics, and Christmas card all at the same time. One thing I forgot was that muwah, would not necessarily be back to regular form, shape or size. But hey, I shouldn't be so vain, rt? The night before, though, I was completely second guessing my decision to do family pics when I was frantically trying to find something that fit and didn't make me look preggo!! Because really the photos are all about me, of course.
Baby Shower Tea Time

9months preggo with Hope
Well, Kim our lovely photographer, who did I mention is A-maZ-ing, came and we all piled in for the landscape and then beach photos. Let's just forward to the end of the night, where Matt and I were both drinking our adult beverage of choice, mine being San Sebastian. Matt's exact words, "Well, we won't be doing that for another 10 years." All I could do was nod, as I sipped on SS, for all my energy was drained, all my resolve completely taken away.

But despite our non smiling, non happy, non docile children, Kim still performed her magic and got some great shots.

Now after a month to recoop from our shoot, next year I will be bring copius amounts of candy to bribe, hipe up and entice our 4 little models. Shhhh, don't tell Matt we will be doing it again.


  1. You are hilarious and I miss you so much! Totes loving this blog :)

  2. Thanks! I miss you!! ps. I know who you are.


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