January 12, 2013

She's SO old

Yes, our Hope Marie is a whopping 3 months and a week old! So of course, we had to do her 3 month sticker photo shoot.

Gracie Girl was not too pleased when I told her that I wanted a photo JUST of baby Hope,

so we did them with her too... of course.

Hope is by far our best, bestest baby ever. She is the first baby to actually sit in a bouncy chair for extended periods of time. Think the baby swing is fun and not a torture device. Fall asleep in her car seat. Fall asleep in the car, rather than scream bloody murder the entire time like her brothers and sister (which they did until they were 2). God knew what we could handle when He gave us our Hope.

All of the Bodakids have struggled in some shape or form with reflux. Not mentioning names (Isaac), but one (Isaac) cried for 10 months straight, because of it. How did we go onto have any other kids after that experience; God truly only knows.

Classic Baby Isaac with his cousin Ziggy
Hope has had her fair share of reflux, for sure, but we chose to put her on Zantac (dun dun dun, duuunnnn...  don't tell our chiropractor). It has made such a huge difference. Oh, the pain she was in. And poor baby Isaac, I wish my Dr. had suggested that when he was a wee babe. Live and learn.

Hope does hold the record for spewing THE most spit up out of all our babes. After every feeding she completely soaks a burp cloth/blanket. All the kids know exactly where the burp blankets are and if I ask for one, they know to RUN immediately to get it in order to catch the onslaught of fluid pouring from her tiny mouth.

Here are some of the names we call our sweet baby girl: Hopie Girl, Hopie- dope- dope-dope, Spit up girl, Happy girl, smiley girl, baby girl. Yeah I know, they are all super original.

She is one special lady though, and when she smiles, she literally lights up the room. My favorite moments are spent just staring at her and saying, "Hiiiii, Hopie Girl" over and over again, which always makes her crack up and makes me sound super weird to the outside world.

At 3 months and one week she has already made her mark in this world with the most blow-out diapers at the most inconvenient time and, more importantly, with capturing each one of our hearts here at team Boda.

What we like most about Hope...

Dad= smiles, laughs and farts
Mom= her skinky toes, tiny hands, strong legs, smiles, snuggles, sweet face
Isaiah= her kicking legs where she looks like she is doing Karate, making her smile
Isaac= holding her, seeing her in clothes other than pajamas and putting shoes on her
Grace= kissing her cheek, playing with her clothes

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