January 20, 2013

Sanctifying Sunday- "Yes, it is working... For now!"

My first and probably frequent guest...

My wife asked me to write on the "Sanctify Sunday" section, as Guest Booger, I mean Blogger!  (if you're not accustomed to my humor I apologize ahead of time for any offenses now and into eternity!)

This is a weird experience for the following reasons; I don't have Face book, Tweeter, Instantgram, or any of that hytech stuff.  It's for various reasons and maybe for other topics down the road.  It's also weird because when I read my wife's blogs I think they are so real and cute.  I know I'm real, but certainly not cute.  Regardless, here it goes.

My best friend, Fr. Isaac, in the middle of an intense conversation and the middle of a jug of apple juice, told me about Msgr. Albesti's theory on "verbal engineering."  Basically, the thesis of this is that governments and media try to verbal engineer people.  Simply put, say it enough and it becomes reality and truth, whether we agree with it or not or whether it's true or not.
Fr. Isaac with baby Isaac
Well, I thought, "certainly if people are able to 'verbally engineer'" people to the non-truth of life, I can do the opposite.  I can verbally engineer my family to the Truth!"

So, I've decided to be very intentional and deliberate with my use of words in my family.

Today was a great example.

During lunch I asked Isaiah if he remembered the wedding at Canaa.  He quickly responded, "They ran out of wine and Jesus told them to fill jars with water and He turned them into wine."  Sinisterly, I said to myself as I dubiously wrung my hands, "Yes, it is working."
It reminded me of a time on vacation.  A family custom is to go around after dinner sharing a scripture or saint quote that is meaningful to us.  Well, Dza Dza (that's Polish for grandfather and pronounced JaJa in English) referenced an Old Testament story.  Isaiah, at the ripe old age of 4, politely corrected him clarifying that it was Hannah that was barren and God gave her a son, which she named Samuel consecrating him to the Lord and leaving him with Eli...  I'm not fabricating this.  JaJa in his humility and extreme pride was happy to be gently corrected by his first grandson.  Again I snickered, "Yes, it is working..."
Jaja, Grammy, and Isaiah
Another example happened later in the afternoon today with Isaac.  We were fixing his bike; the training wheels needed to be removed and air put into his tires, and he asked me, "Dad, no one is calling you, is it because it is the Lord's Day?"  Another wicked internal rejoice by me, "Yes, it is working."

Sundays are supposed to be different.  That's the way God enginerred them.  That's why I call Sunday the Lord's Day; so my boys and girls know that this day is not ours, but His.

PS. It's a great reminder to me too!

Oh and, I'm really happy about Jesus' first miracle turning water into wine.  My wife and Ann believe that He turned it into San Sebastian.  I, however, think it was a finer vintage.

So, it is working for now.

Peace and Blessings, Matt

For family game night Isaiah wanted to make "sculptures" and have dad judge whose was the best.  He made a good army guy station and bad robber station. :)

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