January 10, 2013


I seem to have a love/hate relationship with these wee, little blocks. It's really hard to believe that Legos have become such a major part of my life. I say my life because I am either helping my 4 year old put his together (which takes me longer than if my 6 were to help him), cleaning up legos, stepping on legos, or finding legos EVERYWHERE- on the floor, in the couch, under the bed, and I dare say in the toilet.

Best Brothers, except when fighting. 
I was actually excited when my 6 year old, Zah, developed this huge interest in Legos and even named it as his 6 year party theme. I thought-- wow, we are really entering into the "big boy phase".

I only add this pic, because I was quite proud of making our own Lego goodie bags. 

Lego games in the pool
My Sweet Oldest

The problem came when his 4 year old brother followed right in his footsteps, just two years too, too early. Lego's are not for 4 year olds; I repeat, not age appropriate. At least not for my 4 year old, if I want him to build and follow the directions on his own. If he misses one step, looses one piece, its o-o-ver.

But then somedays or the next moment the boys will be building for an hour and Isaac has not one complaint about finding pieces, putting something together, etc...... thus, the love/hate.
Busy at work
Hope loves watching the boys. 

On another note, Hope and I had some time together by ourselves (sigh, giggle, so very nice), so we took some pictures...

Bath and outfit change. 

Wasn't she just this big like a day ago??!

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