January 30, 2013

My Baby Musts

There are some baby items that I just can't do without. A couple of you have asked...so here we go...Enjoy! 

-The Itzbeen-
I have such a hard time remembering how long it has been since I last nursed my babe. With my boys this didn't matter, because I nursed on demand, meaning they nursed around the clock, like every hour. When Grace was born I knew I needed more of a schedule with her being baby #3 and the boys being so young; so, I began to try and nurse every 3 hours (of course within reason, if Grace was smacking her tiny lips, I always obliged). The problem was I could never remember when I had last nursed. Then a friend introduced me to the itzbeen and since its arrival in its brown box from amazon, it has not left my side/baby bag/bed. It is with me at all times. I can't tend to baby without it. The itzbeen is as essential to my day to day life as my phone and car keys are. And yes, I loose it just as often. (Not shocking to those who know me.) We call it the "timer" and the kids are constantly being asked to get me my timer or find my timer.
Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

-Da Binky-
My kiddos, minus Grace, were (boys)/ are (Hope) binky lovers. Right now we have about 20 of these BINKs in our house in designated places, 5 in the baby bag, 2 in the car seat, 5 in the cosleeper or around my bed, and however many in the swing--you get the idea. We are dedicated to keeping this company in business.

Philips Avent BPA Free Soothie Pacifier, 0-3 Months, 2 Pack, Packaging May Vary
I have swaddled all 4 babies. I find that 1. they like it and 2. it prolongs their night time and mid afternoon sleep. In the past 6 years I have acquired many swaddle blankets for baby. I use them all and I'm pretty impartial to a particular one. When my babes come home for the hospital they have all been so small that I just use blankets to swaddle and I love the hospital blankets for this. As they grow, they graduate to swaddle blankets. And then to being wrapped in 2 swaddlers.

-Aden + Anais Blankets-
I fell in love with these blankets at first sight. A mom friend carried one around at all times with her new baby boy. I knew I had to get them. They are the most soft, versitale blanket I have ever had. A must get, worth the $34 and I don't even spend that much on a pair of jeans for myself! (yes, I shop at Marshalls)
Aden and Anais Cotton Swaddle Blanket 4 Pack - Girls and Swirls - Aden and Anais  - Babies"R"Us
-Mini Co-Sleeper-
My mother in law bought me this mini co-sleeper 6 years ago for baby Isaiah. I have used it with all 4 babes. My favorite thing about it is that it butts up right next to the bed and I can just reach over and grab baby to nurse in the middle of the night. It's a must for me.

Arm's Reach® Mini Co-Sleeper® Bassinet - Toffee

-Oodles and oodles of baby wipes-
I know, not very tree huggerish, but I really don't know what did I do before I had bags and bags of  baby wipes around my house. Not only do they clean my babies rears, I use them to clean everything! For the past two years I have been very into the unscented Cosco brand.

Kirkland Signature™ Baby Wipes

Back pack, back pack
These Vera Bradley back packs are so practicable. The perfect fit for baby. I can fit diaper, wipes, wallet, nursing cover and burp cloth in it. Now when my babes are 6 months and younger I do carry their bigger bag (my mom bought me a beautiful one for Christmas :), but once I am done totting around everything possible that a newborn could need, I switch to this smaller, more practical bag. I love that I can just throw them in the washer machine.

-Chuck pads from the hospital-
From my baby vacations (haha) at the hospital I have accumulated 6 of the hospitals chuck pads. I love these things. At all times I have one on my side of the bed. I don't have to worry about baby throwing up on my bed, milk leaking through, or poo ruining our dear temporpediac mattress. And they are so easy to clean and feel just like a sheet.
Hope chillin on one. 
-Baby Bjorn and Slings-
I am a sucker for buying any and every baby carrier. But the two that I can't live without are my baby Bjorn's and the good ol' fashion sling. Enough said.
The sling, holding baby Grace, not sure why she isn't in it. 

Holding baby Isaac in the sling that he lived in his first year of life.
Matt sporting baby bjorn with baby Grace.
-Stroller Frame-
This stroller frame is a new hot item for me with baby Hope. A friend let me borrow hers and I was hooked immediately. It is so light and easy to use and the car seat just plugs right in. The bottom compartment is great too and very accessible!
Product Details
-Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy Workout-
Tracy Anderson has been my tv guru/workout coach, since baby #2. If you saw me right now, you would probably think: wow, it's really not working for you, Kristin. But it does work, I promise. It is just that I have only done it 2 times (counting today) since I have had Hope. Yes, baby #4 is kicking my butt and making it nearly impossible to get a workout in....but she is worth it and I am sure I could make time, if only I would put my mind to it. Maybe next month... or the next....

I also love this dvd from Tracy. 

-This and this and this also help me to adjust to new baby-

What are your baby musts, please do tell!! 


  1. I'm cracking up at the last post - you always look great! And remember, you do have the excuse of having 4 kids! love you!

    1. Yes, I think I will be riding that excuse for awhile :).

    2. How fun to see what others have as baby musts!
      SWING - For all four of our babies our swing is an absolute. We have the one that goes front to back and side to side. Still swinging on the 4th baby!
      Rock-n-Play - wonderful invention and gave us 9 hours of sleep a night with our 4th newborn. She just outgrew it, pooh!
      Cloth Diapers - Mother Ease Cloth Diapers - right now on baby #4 we are still using the original set we bought with baby #1 for $400. And they are in great condition still.
      Cloth Birp Rags - We call them "hankies". They serve 2 purposes. 1) to catch an milk spillage (from me or baby) and 2) for babies to snuggle with, hold to feel safe and as they snuggle they smell mama right there (from all the milk spillage.)

    3. Hope is my first baby that likes the swing, which makes me LOVE it. We just bought a new one that plugs in, so no more batteries :).
      I have never heard of the Rock-n-play, but I will be googling it asap.
      I always wanted to try cloth diapers, but just didn't. $400 for all 4 babies!! that is a major savings!! I don't even want to tell Matt about that, because we have spent a fortune on diapers!
      thanks for sharing, Jody!

  2. Ha...I LOVE your last line! LOL

    My only baby must is a good sling/baby carrier. I use my KOZY most of the time..but I have a bunch of other ones.

    As far as post-baby workouts...what I do is I put my baby in the Kozy and then use my workout step to step while watching something on netflix (usually law and order). It's not perfect...I'd like to do more ab work..but this is easier to fit in since baby just falls asleep in the sling and I can do it uninterrupted (my older kids know not to interrupt me).

    1. Amelia, thats awesome that you work out while baby wearing!!


  3. Love it Kristin!!!!!! hahah

    1) Fionas BINKIE, BLANKIE AND BOTTLE! Must have all three at all times, or she is a nightmare.Shes my most attached kid to her "things"
    2) My diaper bag(about to get a vera wang one!) with these essentials in it: Water bottle, snacks for every kid, diapers, wipes, extra outfit, desitin!
    3) My phone- For Eamon- so he can play games on it and leave me alone!
    4) High Chair and Baby Einstein Dvds- Fiona's daily ritual- Snack time in high chair in front of Tv watching Baby Einstein- will give me anywhere from 30-60 quite minutes!!!!
    5) Baby Harness! Don't use it presently because Fiona has out grown it- but used it everytime i went anywhere with all 4 of my kids!
    6) Exersaucer! Just packed mine away for Fiona. All four of my kids love this from 6-18 months. They just sit and chill in it while I get things done. Fiona is too mobile now!!!!
    7) CANDY!!!! To bribe them all!!!! hahahahaah
    8) Sippy cups- So my kids can drink throughout the day anywhere- and it wont spill all over my house- I still make Eamon use one and hes 4! ha
    9) Stroller- use it everyday, everywhere I go so Fiona is contained- can't cart 4 kids around without one!


    1. Theresa! You are making me laugh out loud!

      -I know what you mean. Grace is pretty attached to her things too.

      -My kids would love it if I let them play the phone all the time. I use it for emergencies :).

      -What is a baby harness??

      -I do love the exersaucer

      -I would expect nothing less than candy in hidden places all over your house.

      Love you!! And love it that you comment :). I feel like we are having a conversation!

  4. What happened to the ergo? I'm surprised to see that you have the bjorn as the "go-to" instead of the ergo...any particular reason? I love my slings...the closer the babe, the better...

    And we're nuts about the itzbeen, paci's, swaddlers....I actually found a swaddle blanket made of bamboo - the smooth, brown blanket we got with Tommy and I've used ever since...I can swaddler tighter in that thing than any velcro option and the bamboo keeps them temperature regulated - AWESOME! You'll never guess where I found it...never to be found again otherwise I'd have a million of them and I'd get one for every momma friend I have.....the auto spa.

    The only other thing I would add.....is a lovey. With every baby, we get a lovey and bring it to the hospital with us...I keep it at the head around the crown every time I lay them down....somewhere around 2-3 months or so, they grab onto the lovey...........and never look back. Addison will be 6 in April and still has her lovey....she has a bunny, Tommy has a doggy and baby Jude has a duck. We will continue this b/c our kids sleep like champs and I think this plays a part in that.

    Awesome post, Kristin! I'm loving this :)

    1. Thanks, Steph!! So glad you could read. Love having uninterrupted conversations via internet. My whole world is opening up :).

      I do have the ergo. and I like on occasion, but i always find that I want to face my kids out and the only way to do that (somewhat) is to put them on the back, which I have never really tried. Maybe I will with Hope. I know other moms swear by it. the bjorn just seems so easy to me.

      I want that swaddle!! :)

      Yes, I have always thought about a lovey, but again just never kept up with it. Hope does seem to like to hold blankets gripped in her hands, so I should keep something with her at all times. Great idea!! Going to the store to today to see what I find :).

  5. definitely copying this post! (will link back to you of course!!)


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