January 17, 2013

What they said...

Isaac: "Hope is my favorite sister, because she can't talk. And oh, as long as she doesn't cry."

Grace, while sitting next to me on the couch before bed: "Mudder Mary is my best friend."

Me: "Grace are you speaking spanish, because I can't understand you." 
Grace: "No, I speak barbie."

Grace: "Doggie is a bad girl." *Doggie is her pet name for Isaac, no joke.

While Isaiah and I are out running errands one beautiful, 85 degree sunny morning Isaiah says, "Mom, its kinda cold out. Don't you think?" Well, I guess it is cold for a kid who has grown up in SW Florida.

Isaiah: "Can God take away my nose? I just hate blowing it." I had no answer, complete silence from me.

Me: "Isaac, because you behaved so badly today you have lost your privaledge to watch any shows tomorrow."
Isaac: "I don't care." He's 4, how could he not care already!!

After I had been working on dinner for the last hour, Isaac walks in from school and says, " Eeeww, whats that smell. It smells disgusting!"


  1. Ha! Love!!!! Kids say the darnest things! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Nadia!! yea, my kids always keep me on my toes :).


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