January 25, 2013

Number 7

Maggie, Baby #7
As hundreds of thousands of people March for Life today in Washington D.C., I am reminded of the day my mom told me that she was expecting her 7th baby. I was 17 years old at the time.

One day we all piled into our blue minivan for a Perkins breakfast. It was there that my mom broke to us the big news of another baby growing in her belly. At the time my mom was 41 years young, she had 4 kids in High School and 2 little active boys.  Was her body worn out from carrying so many babies by this point in her life? Maybe. Was it an inconvenient time to be tired for next 9 months? Probably. But, she never mentioned it. It was never even spoken about or thought of. My mom or dad never even alluded to it. The only emotion that was expressed to us was joy, laughter, and anticipation. So, of course my brothers and I exclaimed immediately: "Cool. Another baby!"
Me and baby Mags
I had always prayed for a sister, wanted a sister so badly after having 5 brothers and I thought:
This baby might be the one. I might finally get a sister! All of us were nothing but thrilled. There was no choice, no option to have or not to have this baby. No debate over whether she was or wasn't a person. She was. And we were so excited to meet her.
Maggie was my flower girl.
Majorie Lynette Mazanowski was born on February 22. I was there. I helped deliver her. I cut the umbilical cord. I was the first to hold her. I was completely amazed. It was the best day in my life, until I had my own children. (Which funny enough she was there, watching when I had baby Isaiah!)

My parents are over 55 now and still have a child in High School. Would they like to be completely free of teacher meetings and the normal in and outs/drama of having a child in High School. Maybe? But they never talk about it. It is never even mentioned. Maggie is the best thing that has happened to our family. She is our little miracle. Our baby sister.

On this day, I thank my mom for being courageous and having 7 children. Loving 7 children. And giving me 5 brothers and a last chance sister, who are all my best friends.


  1. I remember maggie being born as well Kristin. I remember it because it was the first time I had been around a baby! I was the youngest of the Traubs and I remember visiting your mom in the hospital with Zig and feeling totally out of place. Now I've got three of my own and cut the cord on each of them myself. Maggie is the Mazanowski I knew the least but you're right about what a blessing she is. I'm grateful for your parents' example to me in many ways. Thanks for posting this. I'm sure it blessed your parents and your sister. Take care friend. Let us join together in prayer for our country that seems so hell bent on continuing the murder of so many innocent lives for the sake of convenience.

    1. Andy- thanks for your comment! That is crazy to think that you and Zyg went to the hospital to meet her!! You were always such a part of our family. Praying for you, your family, and our country- most definitely!

  2. Maggie being born - The other part that is easy to forget, the part that I always remember is at this point in our family history the 6 of us kids weren't exactly getting along. We (the 4 oldest) basically were doing all the things selfish teenagers do and not being the best older siblings to the younger 2, and then Mag came along, and suddenly we all had someone to love unconditionally and unselfishly, and not only that, but we did this together as a family. By loving her, we learned to love each other more, and through this our family was much stronger. Without Maggie there is no guarantee it would have gotten better and chances are it would have gotten worse. Babies are always a blessing, even when unexpected or unplanned. - Father Zyg

    1. Fr. Zyg- your right. Didn't remember all that! The March for Life has so much meaning in your vocation!


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