January 6, 2013

Just another Sunday

Ugghh, I have another sinus infection with no antibiotic on hand. Thus, I am trying to take the natural path. I used my faithful google and found out that Apple cider vinegar helps fight the infection. And... although it tastes HORRIBLE, I think it is helping!! Praise God. We shall see how tonight goes.

On a brighter note, the kids behaved fairly well at Mass today. We had three extra cousins, which actually made Mass easier... Well, I did threaten the boys that if they were bad, they wouldn't be driving their cousins home after Mass, rather stay in their room. But either way, the boys were great.
Grace on the other hand lasted until the reading of Gospel and then I took her and Hope to the back. But hey, that is better than heading to the back during the entrance hymn. Everything in perspective...

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