December 26, 2012


I love waking up to a sea of gifts on Christmas morning. Is that lame, materialistic, etc - maybe - but mostly I just think its fun! And on Jesus' birthday we should have lots and lots of fun. :) And boy did we :).

It was a Power Ranger and Lego Christmas for the boys :). 

There is nothing better than surprising my mom and getting her a gift that she actually likes. She is the Rock and Heart behind our Maz family. Without her we are all nothing, seriously. 

We got my parents Kick Scooters for Christmas. And they were a hit!!

There is no way she is in her 50's!! 

My dad was racing the boys in no time. Isaac wasn't about to let him win!
My husband is amazing, putting up with me and my cra-A- Z-ness during Christmas.

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