December 23, 2012


There is something so special about a baby's baptism. I mean how can you top the day that you officially become a member in God's Church. Woot-woot!
She really is just so angelic. Aahhh I love this face. 

This pic was taken seconds before she spit up (yes, I caught it all in my hand, saving her beautiful dress) and had a major blow up, which had been building up for 3 whole days. 

Of course, Hope was already God's little one; she was ordained that at the moment of conception. But now she has official begun her relationship with Christ.
Godfather- Michael and Godmother- Mag. Yea, I think Hope has the hippest Godparents around :). 

Awwwe,  I love the moment that my children are baptized. I remember that exact moment for each one of them. Yes, I have a hard time remembering my next thought while talking to Matt, but I can remember Isaiah's small baby head being soaked with Holy water. The grace at this moment for me is palpable. I experience it with all of my senses. This time, however, was the first time that I wasn't actually holding my baby when she was baptized. Her God Mom, Maggie, my sister, was.
This is a bonding that Hope and Mag will hold forever.

Funny enough I remember when Maggie was baptized (I had begged my mom to let me be her Godmother--she did not concede, saying I was too young) and when she received her first communion. Now she is walking with me and holding my babies. Oh, the beauty of life.

On a side note, the baptism of my sweet Hope with 3 other children to tend to, especially one particular girl named Gracie-girl, was quite the challenge. If only I could figure out an effective way to put my children in time-out during mass without others listening to them scream. My threats under breath just don't seem to work!
She started off in the pew, but don't be fooled though, she did not last long there.
I have to brag while writing this post. My Brother, Father Zyg, is a Rock Star of a Priest, of course he would probably cringe at hearing that, but he is and I just can't hold it in! Not only does he allow my boys to be his altar servers, he gets them to pay attention. And I just love his homilies. It totally blows me away that my own brother is persona Christi. I am a proud sis.

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