December 22, 2012

Altar boys

Father Zyg is in from Rome!!!! I can't put enough exclamation marks to express how happy this makes us all.  We just love having him here, especially when he stays in Naples with us.

We were able to celebrate Mass with him in home 3 times. Talk about blessed.

And Father Zyg allows the boys to be altar servers, which makes this mamma super happy. Now Mass with our kiddos is always a challenge. We try and try, threaten and threaten, bribe and bribe, but it seems to end the same way-- 2 very frustrated parents! But, Mass in our home seems to make the boys behave, thank God. As for Gracie-girl, she spent the last half of Mass in her crib in timeout. Can't beat those 2's. :)


  1. How great is that....I hope we can join you some day! Laura

    1. Yes, maybe next time we can do it at your house!


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