May 1, 2014

Still celebrating Easter over here!

Oh Naples how we have missed thee!
Our lil' family had just the best time in our old stomping grounds for Easter break and I am not going to lie some (or a lot) of tears were shed when we had to come back home. 

I shared some of these pictures in my fav social media outlet, da Instagram, but just had to share here as well since we are still celebrating Easter! 
My happy place...
Really does it get any better than hanging out at the beach. Nope, I didn't think so.
Babe on the beach!
After she got over her fear of the sand for the 100th time, her favorite thing to do was to give me the gift of sand, which was the gift that kept on giving and giving...and giving. 
My other babe on the beach!
The three biggers and I took a long mile walk on the shore and Gracie carefully found and picked up each and every shell that is in this here starfish sand toy. The shells now still remain one of her most dearest treasures. 
Surfer dudes. 
Love this view...
Her cuteness, it gets me every time. 
Me and my #4 chick. 
Crazy's on the beach. 
Nothing better than when he is happy. 
Da boys. 
Isaiah loves to be styling and this hat hit just the right spot for him. 
The Easter bunny generiously spent 5 dollars in what turned out to make me curse over and over under my breath. $1 kites from Target. Don't buy one. Out of the 5 kites only one took flight. And thank God we got that one to fly without directions (thanks to YouTube and my patient husband).   
Hopie girl was a complete natural at the kite flying :). 
Seriously, this sea creature they found was CraZy.
Hope had her first French braids done by Aunt Katrin for Easter Mass.

I fought hard for a girls pic and totally lost. 
The before Easter Mass Family picture, if only I had an after mass pic to follow up with-- I am sure it wouldn't have been quite as pretty!


  1. Love your beautiful family...
    Babes in braids are the best. Ever.
    So nice to see you young couples raising such sweet families.
    Gives me hope for the future! : )

  2. Awe, Maz, this is just the sweetest.
    I could see the tears flowing leaving beautiful Naples!!! Even I was getting choked up - the pics made it look so great!
    Love love love all these pics and so glad Easter was so nice.

  3. I love that family photo!! And, I miss Naples too...there is NOTHING like the Naples beaches!


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