November 7, 2013


It's always amazing to me how 2 hours completely by myself can bring perspective right back into my life. It's the slower breathing. It's the silence consisting of no whining, no crying, no saying my name over and over again. It's the just sitting still and being, whether that is the 20 minutes of solitude driving to Cosco, spending a half an hour in front of Jesus, sitting with a cup of steaming java in hand, or walking aimlessly through Marshalls. 

To all my soul sisters who get what I am talking about here, 
I am cheersing to you as I drink my coffee at my table for one. 
I probably should have tried for another pic without the scary eyes, but it is just so awkward snapping my camera phone at myself while others are around!

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  1. I remember needing those snatches of quiet (and cups of coffe)! When you're busy raising little ones, sometimes you just need a few minutes of silence now and again! :)


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