April 12, 2013

7 quick takes

Linking up with Grace at Camp Patton as she takes over for Jen at Conversion Diaries. 

Thank you, thank you for the SHOUT OUT (number 5&6 of her quick takes, just in case you missed it) from my famous blogger friend over at Camp Patton! Grace, when you took your blogging hiatus I realized that I am kinda of super addicted to your blog. I felt some unhealthy withdrawals from your lack of penning. Also, I pray that because my first baby girl shares your name, she will somehow inherit your blonde flowing locks, super cute sense of style and your humor :).

This week I discovered this within my blog and I find that I want feel the need to use it in every post.

The flu bug has struck another play-ya here at team boda. Is it possible for a bug to stick around for 2 weeks?? I really thought we were done with it and then Isaac comes running into our room (with his concerned older brother trailing right behind him) at 5am throwing up. Poor guy and poor us-- we were really excited about finally breaking out from our sick cacoon and heading to see friends at the park.  I guess it is another morning full of apple (or as graces says bapple) remote tv and countless games of checkers. Is it just me or are you all amazed at how kids throw up and go right back to kicking the soccer ball the next minute. I, on the other hand, as my dear Matt can attest to, roll around the bed howling and moaning about how bad my belly hurts and thinking about how I just want to disappear until the evil sickness has passed.  And that is no exaggeration, if anything it is an understatement. 

What's a post without talking about my sweet babe. She is 6 months now (*sob*).  And I really don't want her to get any bigger, because staring at her and holding her has become my favorite pass time. 
I always wondered when she would try to put that darn sticker in her mouth. It took 6 months, but she found it. 

Mucho bloggers have raved about Revlons Just Bitten Lipsticks.  And because I am always in need of some pick-me-up-mommy beauty help, I have indulged in buying and trying 5 different colors (yes, I might be a teeny bit obsessive compulsive at times). 
There are 2 different types of lipstick in this series and I did not like this type with the white chapstick thingy on the end. For me it did not spread evenly and was so clumpy, so I took it back (always amazed that walgreens takes back any makeup product even if used-- true customer service). I did however like the series called the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. But, so far 2 out of the 4 have been returned on the grounds that Matt simply could not stand them. He said that they made me look like I was wearing old lady lipstick. Hmmm.... not the look I was going for, hence the returns. 

He hasn't seen this color yet. It's called crush and I think I crushed it or I mean I might sorta, kinda like it. And my Grace LOVED it, which says absolutely nothing since she likes every piece of makeup ever made. 

Our sweet Isaiah planned a special dinner celebration for Matt last night in honor of how hard he works for our family. It was super cute. 

A new found favorite for Gracie girl is reading to her sister. Pretty cute and surprisingly very helpful, since they like to just sit the two of them, thus, how I am clicking away on this here computer. 

I started Weight Watchers to loose the rest of this oh-so-clingy-and-extremely-annoying baby weight. And it is exactly what the dr. prescribed. We eat very healthy over here, but WW seems to keep me in check-- you know, like not eating all the kids Easter candy in one sitting while they are fast asleep in their beds dreaming of the one piece that they will be able to have the next day. (Hopefully I am not the only one who has ever done that, because if I am-- than I am just kidding-- I never touch their candy). WW has also stopped me in my tracks after two of these puppies, instead of downing all 10 on the spot. So too all you mom's out there that just walk out of the hospital after giving birth skinny-- I dislike you I mean you are so blessed. To all of us others, let's just keep on keeping on, one apple or WW point at a time.  

Happy Friday!


  1. HAHAH I was dying laughing over #2. I can't let myself start that because I'd never ever stop.

    Thanks for #1!!!

    and weight watchers???? REALLY? you are the fittest mom I know ..... but I hope it goes well :)

    1. I can't wait to show Matt how you think I am so fit! I really need a work out partner to keep me motivated :).

  2. I love the balm stains too-and not the ones with the white either. Also have 5 colors-maybe we should start a support group?

  3. Your girls are super cute together!

    I love Hope's chubby thighs...so delicious. Why can't our babies just stay small forever?


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