April 3, 2013

Happy Easter and OTI Linkup!

Happy Easter!! He has risen!! Indeed He has risen!! 

Is it too late to link up with Camp Patton and OTI? Probably, but I just haven't had a second since Sunday. I am sure some of you can relate... Maybe.

My peeps

These pics do Hope no justice, because she was an angel throughout the whole mass. I promise!

The second picture is the best pic I have of my outfit. Yeah, I didn't really like it and had 2 minutes to get dressed and out the door, so it had to do. 
The Deets: 
Skirt: Marshall's 3 years ago. 
Shirt: Hand me down from Katrin, my sister in law.
Earring's:  Pier One (the only item I really like from the look, if you can really call it a look!)

Clothes aside, we had a very blessed Easter morning. My brilliant Matt decided that we should go to the 1:15pm Mass, giving us just that much more time at home with Easter baskets, play time, and breakfast. It was fabulous. To start the day this is what I woke up to.
Again, Hope was smiling, but then my flash blinded her. 
Isaac came into our bed around 7am and snuggled with me till 8, where Hope joined us from her co-sleeper somewhere in between there. Love having them both snuggled up together.

Easter baskets, which we hid the night before, were first on the agenda for the morning. 

 Gracie girls hair really does look like this every single morning. 

Breakfast, dads special egg in a hole, came next and then we went outside for a fun family game of baseball. I hit 3 home runs, just saying :).

After all our running around we settled into our Resurrection  Easter eggs. When the different Jesus Resurrection items in the eggs were passed around Isaiah said that they smelled like boogers every single time, which did keep us chuckling. (You had to be there to find this remotely funny, but I am still laughing as I think about it.) 

After Mass we had friends over, which was great (minus the fact that it took us 2 solid hours to frantically clean our home, ugghh not fun on Easter Sunday, but thank God we (I mean he, Matt,) had done most of our cooking the night before. 

We ended the night with a visit from the Easter bunny in our backyard.

May your Easter week be super blessed and full of His grace, peace, and love!

Now go join Camp Patton (best blog ever!) and her friends Kayla and Erika (I am sure their blogs are awesome too and they can count on me looking through all their posts this week :). 

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